Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beauty Day

When cousins, Katalina and Austin, came to visit we had all kinds of fun.
We went to the beach, we celebrated a ninetieth birthday. We shared a movie night. We colored our hair. Went out for falafel and smoothies.

Hold on!

Back up... what did you just say?

I said, we had a movie night. We watched the original Muppets Movie. It was great. There was backyard fun, lots of friends...

No, no... that other part... !

Oh! You mean coloring our hair green, and blue, and pink, and purple? It went like this...

Katalina broke out her new toy, a beauty kit for hair coloring, and not only was she eager to give it a try, she was more than happy to share. What a sweetie.

We took a mirror outside, in the shade of the front entry. We got some combs, chairs... read the directions, and got started.

Sometimes, something fun can be infectious. Hair coloring is definitely fun and infectious. The fun was long lasting, and the dye was only temporary.

The color is rubbed across the hair. Some colors were easier to apply than others.

It was good to have some help.

But not so hard you couldn't do it yourself.


Gabe, are you up next?

Yeah. He wasn't too sure.

But it was irresistible.

Alex went in for blues.

Maria added pink.

Dude, you look awesome.

I was tempted, I admit, but Benjamin stayed au naturel.

Still... I wanted to play with somebody's head, and so I started looking for a good-looking volunteer, and found one...

Yes. I love it.

Be still my heart.

Have I mentioned... it was irresistible, infectious fun? Katalina welcomed her great-aunt Delia into her beauty salon, for a wisp of pink.

My mom had no worries. It washes out, we assured her, half-way confident.

Gabe sees the way the tide is turning... I think he's in.

Our beautiful birthday lady is following Benjamin's lead, and declining our offer. She could have picked any color, but I think she was happy just to watch.

Nice color choice, mom.

Making waves. I gave him a blue wave, now Ashlie is working in a hot pink one.

We were all cracking up, and no one was worrying about our plans to go out to lunch. In public. Guess we looked too good to worry.

Aunt Becky and Grandma, enjoying the shade and play.

Ashlie's artistic hands.

Austin, we are so glad you came to our house on your vacation. You and your family bring good times with you, wherever you go.

Everyone showing their true colors, our beauty day continued out on the town!
Thank you, Katalina, for sharing your hair colors, and vacation, with us. We loved it!


Kim said...

Fun! Cousins are the best. I have 6 girl cousins and the happiest childhood memories I have are of all the mischief we got into during their visits.

Val said...

What fun! You guys are all going to talk about this forever. :)

judy in ky said...

I need to get one of those hair color kits for my nieces; they would love it! Was the original Muppet Movie the one with the two funny old men in the balcony? I love those guys! I love the Muppets too, and I loved Jim Henson.