Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bird House & Barn

...a Farm Report

I think I've mentioned how friendly everyone has become... the feathered ones with the hooved ones? It's nothing like it was in the early days, when the chickens practically flew from the sight, or sound, of Ada and Tasha Goat. Eventually the chicas would watch, carefully from a safe distance, standing askance, and clucking disapprovingly. But these days, there is an understanding, an awkward, yet sincere attempt to appreciate each farm residents' unique qualities, and food.

Especially, food.

Right, Betty?

Kamen knows: Goats got good grinds.

So, it's all about the banquet, the buffet, and when I feed the goats, the chicas come running. All of their aversions and opinions seem to evaporate, and they get in there with their goat sisters and share in the bounty.

Risking life and limb, because the lady goats are not exactly lady-like, the chicas rush in to to see what's on the menu.

Penny and Little Debbie are on the wrong side of the fence, but Zoe, Minibot, Kamen, and Puff are cleaning up!

Living dangerously, Zoe weaves in and out, looking for the best position. As long as Ada and Tasha are absorbed in their lunch, the chicas are relatively safe, but watch those hooves, Zoe!

Photobomb Betty. She's a classy chica, and not sure what to make of this feeding frenzy.


Kim said...

That is adorable! What a sight; all those furry and feathered tushes, jockeying for some grub. I love it!

Alison said...

My thoughts went like this: raise the goat's food bins...put them on a picnic table, goats love jumping up on things...but so do run a line of food all over the place, up table, down table, through tunnel, like an obstacle course...then set chickens and goats loose and see who eats their way to the end first!

Ahem. Perhaps I should be turning this creativity toward the lesson plan I'm procrastinating on.

Tiglizzyclone said...

I sometimes wish I had some goats! Really truly!!!

I have been really bad about blogging recently. I just found your comment over on my blog. I am recovering still from my surgery. Saw the doctor today and he didn't give me the OK to go back to work, I was suppose to return tomorrow. Thank you for your comment.

KathyB. said...

All those fluffy & furred behinds lined up to eat, seemingly peacefully. Life is so much better when we can eat a meal together and share, no matter our differences.Poultry & goats, sweet!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted goats, and now you make me wish for them even more.