Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Waffle Iron

My darling Waffle Iron,
As I reflect on our years together, twenty-three in all, I am moved to speak words of affection, gratitude, and to reflect happily on our time making waffley goodness. Ah, the laughter, the spills, the glow of your heat on light, your single function knob. You have been a good, and true friend. Waffle Iron, thank you. Thank you, from the heart of my bottom.

The waffle iron was a wedding shower gift. I really wish I could remember who gave it to us. (Didn't we have a wedding book? Must find.) If I ever figure out who gave it to us, I will send them another thank you card.

As a gift, the waffle iron thrilled me. It absolutely blew my mind. Could I not conceive of the idea of simply going into a store and buying one? I dunno... but few things have impressed me more with the idea of adulthood, maturity, sophistication, and sheer luckiness, than receiving this waffle iron. Not to diminish our vows, or the significance of our wedded bliss, but man... that was totally worth it!

We don't make waffles very often, and there were times when a year or more would pass... then, I would remember: Hey! Everyone! We can make waffles. I would bring it out, dust it off, plug in the almost too short cord, and make sure the knob was turned to Waffle. The heat light glows, and I feel that happy rush of delight... We have a waffle iron!

For posterity...

A dragon lives in the waffle iron. He heats the whole thing up, so don't touch it! I would tell the children. Watch for the light, that tells you he's breathing fire, and now... watch for the smoke rising up. When the smoke is gone, I'll peek inside the dragon's lair. Slowly, I raised the lid and we peeked in, to see the finished waffle with the corners missing. And I would remind them, The dragon takes bites of the corners, as payment for baking our breakfast.

23 years and five months
9 homes
4 brilliant children
1 dear husband
countless blueberries
and some happily ever after


Janece said...

Oh, Natalie - you made me teary! What a sweet and dear post. I love it!

Laura said...

That is so sweet~ Dragon Waffles. At age 10 my son got a waffle iron for Christmas from his grandpa, after a summer visit where they made waffles together most mornings. It has been used ever since and makes wonderful breakfasts.

judy in ky said...

Every home should have a waffle iron! I think I will get mine out right now. I have blueberries in the fridge, too. You have inspired me.

Alison said...

You're making me remember my grandmother's waffle iron--she was a distinctly untalented cook, oh, but her waffles were a treat on every single visit. Her iron was a classic, round one with a surprisingly elegant dangly bakelite handle. Unfortunately, when I was in college, the dragon got out of control--the wiring went bad and electrified the entire metal casing, yowch! I adore your dragon story, just another sign of your clever creativity.

Alison said...

Oh, also, I hope to be posting lots of fall stuff over the next couple of months. So, either come by to live vicariously, or avoid my blog if it will only make you envious. :)

Sara's Place said...

I am so borrowing the dragon story! I love it!!