Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who Is Crumpet?

This is Crumpet. The fish. Suki's the fish.

We don't have a label for Fish. Nor for Pez, or Strumpet. We don't even have a Chickenblog label for Mermaid, or Welcome Guest. She may come under the category of Critters, where I post about any animals that are not Chicas, or Gatos, or Goats, or Rabbits, or Ratty-Rats

She's too classy to be labeled simply Critter. She's no ordinary pet shop bowl fish. She has a past. She's a lady of mystery, intrigue, and spine tingling terror... just don't ask her about her groom, the whole sordid honeymoon. And who knows, maybe he had it coming?

Well, perhaps she hasn't lived a blameless life, but she has endeared herself to us, and to Chango, who peers into her bowl and, now and then, helps himself to a fish-water cocktail, hold the olive, thank you. Crumpet lives in the kitchen. Sometimes she's next to the fruit bowl. Sometimes she's on the dining table. Today she is next to the buckwheat and sage I brought home from our country day. And ever since Santa left her a new husband, in her stocking, she is never without Poseidon.

I think she is giving us a kissy face.

Ah, Crumpet, you Strumpet.



warren said...

I thought she was swimming upside down which, unless you are south of the equator, is not a good thing for fish. So glad to see subsequent pics that showed her to be ok...she's a tricky one...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Do you know how many times I've caught my breath,
rushed to her bowl, certain she was a floater?!
She has an uncanny ability to be disturbing!
She is. A tricky one.