Monday, October 29, 2012

Black Cat and Oddities

Halloween Must Be Near

Why all the fuss?
Chango may wonder. He does take notice...
when pumpkins are carved, and candles lit,
when all the little oddities and creepy things appear.
He does take notice,
but he cannot be bothered to interrupt his nap for giving tours.

Perhaps this fellow will oblige us.
Show us around...
We have been quite busy, having our odd fun,
even trying to pretend it's unseasonably cold,
when it's actually hot as the sun.

Why yes, our oven is _dead_.
No _bones_ about it.
Why do you ask?

Of course, even with a cold oven,
we still keep things bubbling in the kitchen.
It's a gas!

This potent brew will chill you,
then thrill you.

Bottled up and under wraps.
William's bottled anomalies are hardly fatal.

Here's a lively one!
Something Maria _patched_ together.
In our treasure chest: old costumes!
Maria found all the parts she needed to be the Pirate Captain!

And Bambi found everything she needed to build a sweet cemetery.
Thanks, Bambi, for _pudding_ so much effort
into this _bootiful_ creation.

Hey, I left some good puns in there, so don't be shy about being _corny_...

Did we go whole hog?
Perhaps, but we wouldn't want our plans to be half baked.

William, these are so creepily sweet, I want to squeal!

Down to the tiniest details,
I have to _hand_ it to our crew,
we sure did magnify all the diversions and delights.

And as I reflect on our amusements,
I have to say it's all worthwhile,
lacing our Halloween,
trimming everything big and small.

Oh, dear... my puns get fruittier and _fruit_tier_!

Sorry, Chango.
He's gagging on my "jokes."

I may not be able to dig myself out of these awesome puns,
and so before I bury myself...
I'll end this introduction, and hand things over...

When next we meet...

William will give the guided tour.


  1. So many puns so many puns! Is Halloween here already? I love you oh vary much. Love Maria to mommy. Oh and happy Halloween!

    1. Love Mommy to Maria.
      You are the cutie of the cutie pies,
      sweet girl.

  2. The detail in your preparations is incredible...I am sure you had a grand time! This must have occupied everyone for quite some time to prepare!

    1. Well, especially those gravestones.
      It felt like a project graduation celebration
      of William's work.
      We've had a lot of fun bringing all the ideas together.

  3. I want to come to your house for Halloween!

    1. One year to plan it, Judy!
      We're en route to Hawaii, you know!

  4. Wow! Your yard looks so cool all decorated. What fun you are!

    1. It's been great fun.
      Ah, but today we clean up...

  5. man. and I don't even have a pumpkin carved yet.

    1. Hahahaha... me neither.
      It's not too late.
      Maybe I'll carve mine as a turkey!?!


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