Thursday, November 01, 2012

Last Laugh

Laughing our heads off...

Happy November.

We sure did enjoy our Halloween, the tricks and treats, roaming the streets, friends, and that one, tiny, scrumptious, chocolatey, almondy, coconutty confection... I'm trying to make the moment last!

And now, I am looking forward to this lovely month of gathering and gratitude. After a visit from our appliance guy, I may (fingers crossed) even get to start the month with baking bread... in our oven... which might-maybe actually work!

Did you have a good night? Are you thrilled about the month ahead?

Wish me luck with the oven. I hate for the Halloween haunts and spooks to have the last laugh!


test said...

I see you had a few friends drop in above the stove.

judy in ky said...

I wish you much luck and success with the oven!

Kim said...

Glad you enjoyed your Halloween! And yes, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving too. We are having a small and quiet Thanksgiving this year I think, with just the 4 of us, which is just what my aching back needs I think :)