Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey! What's Hot?

Hold on! Don't worry. I promise, we let him out, and the Thermafail 2000 is almost* fully functional.

*Our Thermafail 2000 model has a nifty griddle built into the stove top. I use the term "nifty" loosely. The griddle has not worked in about nine months. Parts are on order. etc, etc, etc...

After working away all day, the job was finished, and so Geoff and Alex were free to clean up, and help prepare for a family get together. I am so lucky to have generous, multi-skilled men in the house.

These garlic knots were not a vote of no confidence. I ordered them from the pizzeria before Geoff announced that he would resurrect the oven. They came home hot and ready for the spaghetti dinner Ruth prepared, and we even got to warm them up in our own working oven.

When Izzy, and her friend Simone, arrived, they made a B-line for the goats. Never mind the soggy yard, the cold and drizzle! Maria, Izzy, and Simone were as happy and frolicsome as little goats.

At one point the girls were more playful and frolicsome than little goats... when it began to sprinkle the goats would not budge from the shelter of the porch.
"Wet water? No wa-aaaaay!" say our goats.

Not only did Ruth make two kinds of spaghetti sauce, she baked this beautiful angel food cake, with lemon icing.
Family gathered, all this, and a few episodes of Axe Cop, and you've got the makings of a nice birthday celebration.

I think Geoff was happy with the perfect balance of mellow-low-key and fun.


Lady Cordelia said...

No one has taken cuter goat photos than you. NO ONE!!!!!!

Kim said...

Looks like a nice evening! Loved the pics of the girls (goats and kids...err...all kids) playing in the yard. Such fun!