Monday, March 11, 2013

Like Her Mama

We found my old-old camera. My favorite one. Geoff resuscitated her, and when Maria asked, I told her how easy this camera was to use.
All the buttons were accessible with one hand.
I remember how marvelous it was when I had a baby in my arms, on my hip, and it was no problem taking pictures, even changing settings, while still keeping my sweet snug and safe. And it's not heavy.

She asked me to show her how to turn it on, how to switch to the viewing mode.
We showed her the video mode, too. She had it figured out in no time.
For a few years she's made herself acquainted and comfortable with my camera(s).
She's even had her photography published!

Geoff and I love that for the rest of the day we could hear Maria narrating little scenes, filming her documentaries about pets, and favorite objects.
You know blogging is in her system when she has to record her food! Classic blogging symptom.

Hencakes, definitely vlog worthy!

Only, she's not just blogging. She's vlogging.
Video + Web + Log (a portmanteau of the terms video web log)
Of course to complete her process, we should help her get her films on her blog.
(Note to self: Dust off Maria's blog.)

It does make me proud to recognize that she's like me.
It makes me even happier that she is so very much herself.


Janece said...

Love it! Last year my parents and Paul & I gave Amira a camera for her birthday. She has all kinds of little "documentaries" that she's recorded... of her neighborhood, our house, the animals, her toys... and stories by the gobs. It's so inspiring to get more glimpses into the world as they see it through their eyes!!

Miriam said...

You have every right to be a proud mama, with such a daughter!

Anonymous said...

oh mommy I love you so!<3

Jenny said...

Baby chicken blogger!

Lady Cordelia said...

Too cute. And really. The chicken cakes just blow me away.