Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Prepare For The Faire

Whether you are preparing for Maker Faire, an apocalypse of zombastic proportions, dueling with your frenemies, or just need to decimate a piñata, there comes a time in every life when you need a reliable weapon. A destructive, yet safe, oversized battle axe, a vorpal sword. Something with heft, cushion, and duct tape.

Max has something for you. Let's Make!

Max started making these cudgels, broad swords, hammers, axes, and flails last year. They are fun to use. There is something primally appealing about picking up a large stick and swinging it around, hitting another large stick, and shouting, "Now stand aside worthy adversary!"

If you want to build a fun, affordable, safe(ish) arsenal, then begin by gathering your supplies:

Supply List
foam... pool noodles are great, and can sometimes be found in the thrift shops, and yard sales
tape measure
2 part epoxy
hack saw, and utility knife
access to a circular saw
Duct tape... lots!
a Sharpie

Max's idea to build these weapons was inspired by a cudgel his dad brought home from Burning Man.* Fortunately, we had all the supplies he needed to begin his Make project. The PVC is 1/2 inch diameter, scraps from various irrigation repairs around the house.

*Geoff, Alex, Suki, and Grant were at Burning Man, together, in 2011. I made Geoff a long white, silk tunic, and at Burning Man he was charged with defending the Trojan Horse, and keeping spectators from being crushed under the 50' tall, 28 ton moving art piece. He carried his foam and duct tape cudgel to exercise his authority, and can be seen near the massive wheel, 45 seconds into this video. (I cannot suppress my delight.)

*CLICK HERE:* There's more, at Love & Rockets ~ Art & Engineering...


Jennifer said...

Please tell Max how very battle-worthy Dean found the weapons he built and shared were, and how very much Dean wishes he could saunter over to say, "en garde!"

Kim said...

That is really cool. Such creativity going on over at the Birdhouse!

warren said...

Holy crap I would love to go to Burning Man! I would not be that naked guy on a, that would def not be me...