Friday, April 19, 2013


Looking for something to lift your spirits?

Lately... oh my, the world has seen some seriously sad acts. There has been a lot to trouble our thoughts and hearts. It's not easy to process. It's hard to absorb the news, the madness of hate, the greed and hypocrisy of some acts... hard to make sense of it all. We look for the good, for the brave acts, for the people who step into the smoke and chaos to help. And we offer our prayers, our healing wishes, and aid. Still... the stories play on, and the news rolls.

I realize it's not just lately. Watching the news, staying informed, it's obvious that there is a always a great deal happening every day in the world... troubling, unjust, pathetic, ugly events... no need to go on...

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, dismayed, discouraged... if you need an escape, I have some things silly, some things amazing, some things encouraging for you. Enjoy!

Cat + Shark Suits + Dog + Duck + Roomba = Surreal amusement, sublime comedy

Now for the answer to the compelling question: What happens to water when you wring out a washcloth in zero-G? Ignoring the small fact that I am emotionally raw from other news, I have to say... the beauty of this made me cry! The visual beauty of water and how it behaves in Space is stunning, and the greater good in the nature of science and curiosity and cooperation is encouraging, too. We are capable of doing great things!

How about a few minutes with our favorite, the world's greatest, sign flipper... Grant!

Have you seen sound? Alex and Suki, through our Young Maker's Club, Love & Rockets, built a Ruben's Tube!

The steel tube is seven feet long, and two inches in diameter, with one hundred and forty-five 1/16th" drilled holes. A three inch speaker is capping one end, and propane is piped into the opposite end. The device demonstrates a relationship between sound waves and sound pressure. The sound waves create high and low pressure "nodes" in the tube, and the flame height is proportional to the pressure... see if you can recognize what high notes look like in the flames~

Ready to get out there, and play?

Moments to love... from the birds and the bees. I like to turn down the audio a bit, the visuals are stirring enough.

Courage, and humor, friends.


Miriam said...

Lovely! Just what we need! (And we're thinking of showing the chicken video in a mass broadcast to our Buffs who seem to be taking a laying holiday...)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I needed it, too!
Glad I managed to avoid being glued to the
TV during the search for the Boston bomber...
it gets to be too much.
And the chicken video! It never fails to lift my spirits.
Hope your girls get the hint!

Bumpkin Hill said...

Ohhhh thank you for the smiles, just what we all needed. So glad to have found your blog, catherine x

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It was helpful for me... a happy distraction.
I'm glad you enjoyed them, too.
More smiles, for all!

judy in ky said...

These were great fun, Natalie! I needed some fun. Did you check out my Ally McBeal video? That was my fun for the week!
I loved the chic! And how on earth did they get that cat to stay on the Roomba?

judy in ky said...

Auto correct made me write "chic" instead of the word with the "a" on the end!