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Nerf Wars + Tron Classic & Tron Uprising + Luminous Dance Party

This is a time machine post: The party took place August 15, 2011. We invited everyone, and the theme was everything! I edited over one hundred photos to share in this post. I don't know that every image is an artistic photographic moment, but every one brings back good memories of great people... so, I'm going for it!

The invitation mentioned watching both Tron movies, playing with a huge bucket of legos, and a Nerf battle, and a black light dance party. Guests who came unarmed were offered options from our own vast and varied arsenal. Nick F. arrived fully loaded.

Nicholas S., and Tessa... she appears to be shooting digital.

Will, Wilson Wilson, Annie, Andrea, and Emma

Max, Eli, Tatiana, and Morphsuit... aka Alex

It's early, but Tots wasted no time choosing sides. Who do you play for, Wilson?

Weighing his options, and building up his arsenal, Nick surveys the field.

Eric and Lucas, Max, Tatiana, and Maria

An early engagement between Maria, and Nick F. She comes in low, and fast. Nick holds his own.

New recruits join the ranks... Will, Eli, Isaac, Maria, Tatiana, Lucas, Max, Eric, and Alex

Some prefer to relax before battle... Annie, Kiley, Andrea, Emma, and Erika

Then you have your "preppers," Nick F., and Tom.

Nick F., Tom, Nicholas S. and James

Nick S. and Stan arrive fueling themselves for what lies ahead.

And here, we have the Blue Team: Andrew D., Will, Nick S., Nicholas S., Tom, Wilson Wilson, and Nick F.
Maybe they're _Team Little Tike_, in honor of their fortress.

Team Tabletop takes its first prisoner. Will was caught stealing munitions!

Alex and Eli back-up Stan's assault, and the prisoner has no chance of escape.

No chance at all.

We are still finding Nerf bits in the garden.

Here we have Team Tabletop... Stan, Erika, Eric, Sharon, Alex, Eli, Lucas, Max, Tatiana "Tots," and Maria "Orange Crush"

Meanwhile, back at Fort Little Tike...

Suki retreats, Maria moves forward, the battle lines are drawn.

Annie joins Fort Little Tike.

Team Table Top plays offense!

Bodies, and darts, everywhere!

Isaac, and Stan, loading.

It's getting hairy out there.

Suki and Erika make tactical moves to take the enemy away from Isaac.

Another sneak attack on Fort Table Top!

Whoa, Suki hits like a girl... that must hurt!

Nick F. takes a prisoner!

Matt arrives, and Wilson gives him a quick summation on news from the front.

But, what strategy is this?

No mercy, not even for the press.

Suki gives Amy a swift and honorable departure.

In the midst of smoke and chaos, Kyle has captured the flag!

But he won't keep it without a fight.

Suki eyes. She needs rehabilitation. And dinner.

Amy and Natalie see each other.

My mistake was telling them to "act natural."

Everyone survived, even Orange Crush.

And so, inside for potluck dinner... Will, Suki, Emma, Amairani, Izzie, Andrea, and Amy

Tom, Kyle, Andrew D., and Tatiana

Settling in for the double feature, Kyle and Sam get good seats.

Now comes the dance party. Geoff put out our black lights, and opened up his supply of glow in the dark bubbles and paints, plus cyalumes (glow-in-the-dark stuffs). The lights and music made for a wildly fun dance! Part of the fun is invisible through the camera's eye... so you cannot see our glowing hands and faces, but I think some of the expressions tell the story!

Andrea blowing glowing bubbles!

Love Erika's smile.

Lights and motions make such cool effects.

Here come more bubbles!

Maria enthralled with her glowing hands.

Do you know that tonic water glows in black light? So do highlighter markers.

Annie is glowing.

The camera is slow in this low light, which makes for some really fun images.

Grant brought finger tip lights in his gloves.

Max, William, Eli, and Isaac

Matt in motion.

Isaac and Andrea

At this point everyone is glowing, so is the floor! Grant, Nick S., Tessa, Isaac, Emma, Kyle, Andrew D., Andrea, Suki, Erika, Stan, Maria, and Tom

Tom's handy moves with glow sticks.

Alex and Andrea

Finally, a shot that captures the glow everyone is wearing!

Andrew D.

Those highlighter pens, and the glowing porch floor!

Do you know what's a lot of fun? Answer: partying with curious people, with people who find enough wonder and amusement in science, and art, to make a party out of bubbles and glow sticks.

Care to guess what Eli is pulling out of the cup?

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