Monday, June 10, 2013

Scratch and Peck

Scratch and Peck, I have a name for my chicken-scrap quilt, but it's a long way from being finished. Searching to recall when I started this quilt, I stumbled upon another work in progress! By my calculations, I have another year before I should be concerned about finishing my wonky mess. I had to go all the way back 2008, to find a finished quilt, and I know I started Scratch and Peck at the same time as I was finishing Grandpa's Quilt.

I was keen on playing with the smallest scrap of chicken fabric I found in a discount bin, and so I just stitched away, with purposeful pointlessness. It seemed artsy-folksy-genuine at the time, but then the misshapen little squares were packed away and forgotten.

For me there is no greater impetus for sewing than a really mess house, and guests due to arrive. So, last night I dove right in! Staying true to the scrappiness, but seeking a little more... balance? Consistency? I now have nine squares, the same size, and ready to become something greater. Bigger. Alex and Max insist on a quilt that covers both feet and shoulders, at the same time! These pieces are going to need a lot more...

But more what?
This is why I am at the blog now, instead of pressing, measuring, cutting, and sewing. Or cleaning house, for that matter. I need to figure out how I will continue, finish.

Maria says green. I was thinking blue.

And of course, there's still dinner to prepare, and getting ready for our guests!

I think I'll go sit with the chicas...

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Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Continue talking to myself?
Don't mind if I do.
Maybe I'll forego solid blocks/large sashing between the nine squares, and just keep going around the log cabins. It's a lot more work though, and it takes a surprising amount of fabric. Of course anything I do will take a lot of fabric: the boys are six feet, and taller! This needs to be a big quilt. And the other thing to settle: colors...