Sunday, July 07, 2013

Further and Farther Away... Honoka'a

We moved. We said our fond aloha to Kona, to turtle beach, to Keahou Store, and Scandinavian Shave Ice, and swimming, swimming, swimming.  Wonderful rain showers marked our departure, and on our way north we, of course, stopped by the Ellison Onizuka Space Museum.  

Now we are in Honoka'a. Back to the wet side, and those coqui frogs, to Old Hawaii and sugar cane fields. So remote is the plantation cottage we're staying in, we have no phone reception.  I love this, actually.  A block away there was an outdoor wedding and reception, and we dozed off to slack key and falsetto, and wedding reverie.  

Out the kitchen door, an old screen with just the right squeak when it shuts, we see horses grazing, turkeys wandering, cardinals guarding their nest, and Maui, across a blue Pacific.  I watched these wonders last night while making dinner... Vegetable curry and rice.  

I was praying for a soft bed.  Well, not actually praying, but deeply hoping.  We woke up in a perfectly delightful waterbed.  Big enough for Maria to join in the novelty of subtle waves in her dreams.  And we woke up to the sound of cows.  Cows mooing on hillsides, from cane covered slopes.  Oh sweet moo cow, how I love thee!

Out the front gate and mauka, away from the ocean, I see the mama and her calf.  Nothing makes this Tacupeto-summers girl more at home and blissed than hearing the deep, comforting moo of contented cows.  

I started two loaves of Dutch Oven bread.  They're rising.  I made salsa with the local tomatoes we picked up at the Keahou Store, and guacamole from their gorgeous avocados.  Cooking?  On vacation?  Yes, happily.  Makes me feel right at home.  A tennis partner gave Geoff bags full of his own farm produce, too, and that added nicely to dinner, the salsa, and guacamole.  The jewel in the crown was the little pineapple... It was the sweetest, most refreshing treat!

A new day ahead, and no plans. What could be nicer...

Happy anniversary, Geoff.  I'd still follow you anywhere.  



  1. Happy Anniversary! I love the flower tree in the one photo, don't know if it would grow here, but I would love to try! And it's so nice to know that I am not the only one that loves cow sounds for relaxing...


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    I love cooking with food from my garden, but that sure doesn't include pineapple or avocados! I grew a couple of cantaloupes last year and thought that was pretty tropical - for Canada! Imagine going out an harvesting a pineapple for dessert...

  3. Sounds like heaven, in every possible way.

  4. That sounds perfect. Real Hawaii. Some of the photos look so familiar to me. Cooking makes me feel at home too.


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