Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thirty-three Dogs

Across the lane from our cottage home, an old cane field slopes up the mountain, and hidden in the tall grass are cows and their calves.  Yesterday we got to pet the biggest cow, and Maria had her first cow kiss... A full swipe of the bovine's tongue over Maria's outstretched hand!

As soon as we puttered into Kukuihaele, we decided to count dogs.  Dogs in the lane.  Dogs at the side of the road.  Dogs loping along, or shading themselves under shady places.  Poi dogs, with no distinct pedigree, but no lack of character.  

In three days the count is at thirty-three.  We saw one puppy in the Honoka'a market, only a little bigger than a malasada and even sweeter looking.  But our favorite pup has been the one from next door, who runs to meet us, and has some funny features in common with a kitty we are missing... All those polka-spots, and the kink at the tip of the tail!

Last night, Maria and pup were running and playing in the back yard.  The puppy mirroring Maria's pace, and turns and even the way she dropped onto the grass when she needed to catch her breath.  Their game lasted through dusk.  

We have snorkeled with tropical fish, and saw a macaw riding the top of a car in the Fourth of July parade.  We had sea turtles swim up to our feet.   We have stopped, more than a few times for chickens crossing roads!  And pheasant, and nene geese, and turkeys, too. 

We've seen lots of goats, and sheep.  And of course, cows.  I love the cows.  Their calls, from cane fields, from high up in the hidden valleys, across the lane, are one of those things I am certain to miss.  A lot.  

I've never had as much luck seeing, chatting, photographing, and simply hanging out with geckos as I have enjoyed on this trip.  One lives by the kitchen sink, and while I wash up, I watch the pretty fellow, or the horses in the neighbor's field, or Maria and Pup, or the ocean.  Dishes, with these view choices, are not really such a chore.  A gecko in the home is good luck... It's done wonders for us!

Store cats, neighbor cats, fickle, and shy cats, and affectionate, visiting cats... We've met them all.  Do you think our own cats will know?  Do Chango, Benjamin and Mister Foo miss us, as much as we miss them?   We wish our goats and chickens, bunnies and kitties were here, where cows are across the lane and Maui is an island we see from the kitchen door.  I think we would all feel happily at home here.  


Rachy said...

What brilliant pictures! I love the lizard one, it looks like he's saying "What?!"
:D x

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about you is how you live inside each moment, how often you acknowledge the blessings you have, how you appreciate the gifts placed in front of you.


judy in ky said...

I know you would feel at home there. I know I would too. We could be neighbors!
I love seeing the animals wherever we go. That's one reason I enjoy Kohala Mountain Road so much.
I think my husband and I are ready to move away from staying in a hotel to staying in a more home-like place like you have there. It looks wonderful.

judy in ky said...

That is the longest gecko I've every seen. The first time we went to Hawaii, there was on the wall in our bedroom. We considered him good luck.

Jennifer said...

It does sound like the best vacation ever ~~ may the memories of it stay in your hearts!

warren said...

I used to get cow kisses from my uncle's cows when I was a kid...I think it scared the crap out of me more than anything at the time but I look back on how cool it was compared to what lots of kids experienced...pretty amazing!