Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{Not Blogging... Just Taking Notes}

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Janece said...

This is fascinating. I've read similar and it was part of the reason, about a month ago, I halved my connections on FB from over 450 to around 200. I've thought about going further and removing anyone who is not a part of my regular real-life/in-person world... or who are important contributors to my life (and who I in turn contribute to).

A good friend of mine is probably moving back to Seattle in the coming months. I cried when I heard the news and I realized that it was because for all the friends I have... I have very, very few who I get to sit down with over lunch and talk about life, loves, learning and challenges, etc. We have... like the video suggests... conversations!

There is lots to think about here. Thank you for sharing. Being conscious and having intentionality about how we interact and connect is important... And by connect, I mean... having a relationship, a friendship filled with many conversations over time. We all crave it. I know I do.