Sunday, August 11, 2013

For The Bees

Thank you, bees.
And thank you, beekeepers.
God, and nature, have given us this tremendous gift... a wondrous variety of life and beauty, a balance. It is incredible. It is ingenious. It is in peril. We need our bees, and they need us to stop and consider how much they do for us, and where we will be without them.

Keeping bees is tempting. I certainly appreciate the sweet benefits of local honey, but family members have serious bee-sting allergies, and I wouldn't want to add to their risk. Alex told me we can help even in simple ways, like by planting more flowers. We are so happy to oblige.

Here are some people I know who are doing even more to help save the bees~

Warren and Emily, keep bees in West Virginia.

Em and her Gang are keeping bees, too.

The Soules keep bees in Maine.

Even a small yard can have beehives, like the ones Kara manages.


Kara said...

Oh, that's me! Thanks for the push to update my slightly (okay, very) neglected blog! :) Bees are the greatest and I highly recommend keeping them, but I also totally agree with Alex-- I've made an effort to plant pollinator-attracting plants, and the number and variety of bees I see in my yard is pretty amazing.

warren said...

I just requeened 9 hives today and they looked great! Neighbors in the country are friendly to my bees and have planted accordingly. They see benefits in their gardens as well. They are also choosing how they spray for pests differently too. So, yes, please do plant beneficial plants and watch your sprays! Bees can thrive if we let them!