Thursday, September 05, 2013

Three For Thirty :: Day Three

This is what I discovered when I went to pick up the Picnic Quilt. I am really close to finishing the quilting, and I am eager to start on the binding, then be done! But. No. Mister Washburn Foo had other plans, and when he has plans, we have to make new plans. That's just how these things work. Cat napping: back off, walk away, think again.

How do we spell "Indulged?" F-o-o

I brought out my tea cloths, pearl cotton (size 5), an embroidery needle, and my crochet hooks. The cloths are fat quarters of fabric. I pressed them, then sewed the edges in a slim, turned seam. Sometimes I am extra crazy, and sew the seams by hand.

When I first bought this kind of heavier floss, I realized it was not going to fit wrapped around the little cards made for traditional floss, but it definitely needs to be unwound from the skein, as it comes, and prepared for crocheting... otherwise it will instantly become a tangled mess. I hit upon a solution... one I take huge pride in for divining all with my own cleverness. I open the skein into the big loop, then wrap the floss around a cloths pin. I use the label too, slipped over the end of the cloths pen, so that when I come to the end of the floss, I have the number of the color I was using.

Once my supplies are in order I cut off a long yard. A long yard means more than a yard, says the not-an-engineer. This length of floss is to add the blanket stitch to one of the narrow ends of the cloth. Now I will have a base to crochet on.

Okay, not that I was trying to make this a tutorial, but this is where my helpful suggestions come to a grinding halt. I cannot teach crochet. I can show someone what I do, but I don't know what I do. When I was five my mother handed me over to some women in a little yarn shop, so I could learn to crochet. I learned just enough to feel bored and frustrated, and like I was a bother to the ladies, who were happiest when their own hooks and knitting needles were clicking away with their grown-up chatter. But something stuck, and I am so thankful for that introduction. At the time it felt pointless, but with a life time, since, of trial and error, I have managed to make things. Real things. Like hats, scarves, blankets, bunny toys, and these edge cloths and pillow cases. Just don't ask me how!

The few organizers I've made for my sewing supplies make me really happy. Really, seriously, very happy. And when I actually know where all my sewing supplies are... boundless joy!

I know exactly where my quilting supplies are. Ahem, still napping I see. I watched him turn, and roll over, stretch, and yawn. I heard his occasional purr, his deep sleep breathing. My eyes met his drowsy gaze when he had a glance about. And while he napped, I finished the blanket stitching, then added three rows of crocheting to a new tea cloth. Kitchen towel. Tea towel. Pretty thing. I still don't know what to call them.

So, we have one sewing project, and one (or more) photographs, and then a night walk across Alex's campus (no pictures there). Three for three: Sew, photos, move. This morning I went to my quilt to see about making more progress... but...

Uh-huh... every cat wants his turn.

I may be finishing more tea towels today.


Janece said...

Natalie - I'm *IN LOVE* with your tea towels. I am utterly smitten with the brown and pink one. Your towels make me want to learn to make these... I want two or three drawers filled with them.

And you need to take me with you on one of your fabric discovery trips... pretty please. :)


nikkipolani said...

Oh, I love your crochet work! That light tan with the tiny leaves and delicate edging is so sweet. The cats may not appreciate the details, but they surely like the spread! Happy three for thirty :-)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Janece. Indeed, let's play! (twist my fabric arm!)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you.
Those cats like the spread AND the threads!