Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hello September

What would you consider doing for thirty days? Something to do, or something to stop doing, every day, for thirty days. I've been asking Geoff, and Alex, Max, and Maria. I am asking you, too. It doesn't have to be grand or complicated. It doesn't have to be good for you. It can be simple, silly, subtle. I am taking the advice of good friends, and thinking of something without hard rules, something that cuts me some slack as I navigate life with a bit much on my plate. Alex and Maria are thinking of getting in the pool every night for thirty days. Geoff said he's just going to keep working on building his CnC router. Max asked, "Why?"

Why, indeed. I have more than I can handle, already. Lots of messes, clutter, neglected chores, lots of driving to schools, and home, and back and forth. I seem to have collected a farm-ful of critters that need my attention. And I keep knocking my head on this blog. So, why? Why impose another activity, or errand, or expectation on myself? For one thing, Jennifer is my friend, and I miss her, and her blog, and I like that we might enjoy a refreshed way to connect... it does not have to be demanding, and we'll have a simple routine for getting together, even with 3, 045.1 miles between us.

The other reason this thirty day challenge appeals to me is for the practice of discipline. I need discipline. I need a plan, a course, a purpose, and I really, really need to start something and finish what I start, then step back and feel accomplished. I think. Or I could be wrong, but this feels right. And it should definitely be healthy, or efficient, or responsible, but I am going to indulge myself and make it something easy, light, shiny. Hopefully something easy, light, and shiny will spark some life into my health, efficiency, and sense of duty.

September. I cannot believe it. I am slow. I must be slow. Yesterday I shared a picture of our cats, all together, harmoniously sharing a can of wet food from the same plate. We've been waiting for the the three of them to make peace, and sit within three feet of each other, without fur flying. So, that was a lovely moment, but the hilarious things was my own shock: We have three cats! We have three cats? I could have fainted. I felt woozy, and a bit like that lady, with all those cats. I'm slow, like that. And so, shockingly, it's not last winter, or early May. It's September, and we have three cats. And the next time I ponder on all this time marches on philosophy, it'll probably be in December, and I'll be wishing I'd done something useful last September!

And now... suddenly I know! I am going to sew for thirty days. It is fun for me, and it will prepare me for the sudden arrival of December, when I will wish I had made gifts. William wants more sewing lessons, and Maria pines for projects. It's a challenge I can share, or enjoy on my own. It's a gateway challenge... I'll need to clear my desk, organize my supplies. This decision feels nice. Sewing every day for thirty days. A stitch or two, an entire garment, little projects, big things, finishing WIPs, like the Picnic Quilt... each day can be as flexible and simple as I need.

Have you thought of something? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Sew away, yay!!!!!! xo

    I'm going to stretch every night and do a few tummy crunches cos I've got some serious postpartum back pain.

    1. Thirty days of stretching... you won't regret that! Good choice. I Have this feeling I am going to want to adopt everyone's plans for myself. Some evening stretches would do me good.

  2. I would say to sew a little something for 30 days but I'll be on a road trip for part of September .. maybe a little walking? I did a nice one today. Or I can bring some hand sewing along with me and that will work for that one too. Hmm.

  3. I'm going to spend some time outdoors every day. Too often I stay inside during the summer because I can't stand the heat. September is a month for new beginnings for me, and I need to get outdoors. I miss it!

  4. We are a three cat family and it does indeed qualify you as a crazy cat family...


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