Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thirty Days Hath September

This comes from a post my friend Jennifer shared. She's right... it really is "short and super sweet," and it's a TED Talk so it's practically guaranteed to be either inspiring, or enlightening, or both. Jennifer invited friends to join her in the month of September (wholly-guacamole, that's tomorrow!), to choose something to do every day for thirty days. "No rules," she reminded me, "so, no concept of cheating! Do what's meaningful to you."

You guys, help me not over-think this. I really want to start and finish something. The TED Talk motivates me, and Jennifer inspires me, and I think I need something to shake me up!

Coincidentally, I was browsing a certain sight that's always Pin-Interesting, and my friend Katie S. pinned a link to an article about 10 things you can do to be happy in your home. I almost want to cringe, because it's a list, and a self-help-aspirtation-motivational list, to boot. The truth is, I am such a cotton-head ninny muggins, I loath and rebel and squirm while rolling my eyes when I see self-help-aspirtation-motivational lists. But this list is short, and not preachy, and at least half of them made a small voice in my spleen say, "Uh-huh, you should totally do that. In fact, I even did #8.

I still have to decide what I will challenge myself to do everyday for thirty days. Jennifer is taking a photograph a day, which I love, but that hardly would count as a challenge for me, because taking pictures is my daily go-to thing. I hope Jennifer posts her 30 day challenge at her blog. I am trying to shake things up, so I want to open another door for this challenge. Also, I don't know if I am sharing this here... maybe sometimes, or maybe all the time, just so it keeps me transparent-honest-on track. I dunno.

What about you? What do you want to try? Something new, something daring? Something comforting? I think this could be more fun if we try it together.

1:02 pm
Just some thoughts...
:: 30 days of art lessons
:: 30 days of home projects
:: 30 days of walking
:: 30 days of sewing
:: 30 days of no sugar (oh, man... I crack myself up)
:: 30 days of photography (only one picture a day... serious challenge)
:: 30 days of learning something

5:23 pm
Still thinking, in spite of the heat and humidity...
:: Chicken portrait a day (I'll need to get 17 more chickens. Jest kidding. I swear.)
:: 30 days of postcards... a message, a stamp, and sent out (I love this. But I loath going to the P.O. [definitely headed toward hermit status])


Jennifer said...

Hurray! And I love how this can and will unfold, and I love how there's always another 30 days to count (so, you know, September 5th could be the start, or September 10th -- possibilities are endless). Thanks for helping me take the plunge~~

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

See? This is why it pays to have friends! 'Count from any day in the month?' Brilliant. Seriously, brilliant. I will join you in the plunge, but I will wait until you say "Go!"

Anna Banana said...

30 days of Foo fotos! Thanks for the 10 things. I think the earnest young ted talker is cute, but has NO understanding of life in 30 min segments. You, my friend, have enough on your plate without having to keep track of which day it is in which month and how many days are left. IMHO.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

True... true.
He didn't mention his four children, house, farm... did he?
Thank you for looking out for me. I think I should scale back and
be sure to choose something to ease things, or enhance my days.
Thirty naps?

Janece said...

Hear, hear for Anna Banana!

I think the point is exactly that (whether that was *his* point or not) - to choose something that creates a sense of new, the thrill of delight, a connection with what is beautiful and right in our world, and that expands our knowing of our shining selves. (That's one I'd love for you to have more of, Natalie - a knowing of your shining self... your shine is a brilliant, illuminating shine and I'd love to have a mirror for you to see it for yourself.)

I want to participate -- but what to do? Thinking on it!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Janece, you tell me such sweet, kind, loving things... and I blush and stammer, and get kind of flustered.
Thank you. I should learn to say thank you. Thank you, shiny, beautiful, brilliant, you.