Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Three For Thirty :: Day Twenty-Three

A photograph.
Some movement... walk, a swim, stretching, playing, yoga.
And sewing.
Every day, for thirty days.

We picked a ripe watermelon from our garden! A big one! It was delicious.

These patterns were ironed on from an Aunt Martha's embroidery pattern. I made these so long ago, I cannot even come close to a date. Have I ever shared them before (I'm talking to myself)... I don't recall.

My embroidery floss collection is like treasure to me. I began buying floss when I was ten, in Escuintla. Each skein cost diez centavos... about a dime. I collected them for the little cardboard loom I was using to weave. My small tapestry was beautiful with every color I could get my hands on, but floss is slim, and the weaving went slowly! I still have some of those same flosses from the market.

I cannot bring myself to make dish cloths out of these samples, because I know they'd get thrashed. But. What in the world can I do with them? I seem to make things without a final vision of just what I am making. When I rediscovered these I was really surprised. I had forgotten them completely.

None of the ladies going to market need any work, but I do have a half finished fellow...

The original transfer has faded too much to see. Maria and William convinced me I know turkeys well enough to sketch the rest in, so I am trying. Today I picked up the threads and started finishing his tail feathers. Guess what? Yeah, I have no idea what to do with him either!

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judy in ky said...

I admire you stitching. I have to practice mine.