Monday, October 21, 2013

Five Good Things

We still have three more watermelons on the vine! And each new one we split open is tastier than the last! This one I asked William to slice into so he could feel the tension and hear the pop when this bursting fruit is cut.

Good Things:
1. My concerned, thoughtful, and generous friends have made a difficult time easier, and remind me how lucky I am.

2. Ice, and pain reliever. (They count as one, this time, because they go together and are so helpful!)

3. Judy won Put An Egg On It, and it makes me happy for her.

4. My mommy is back in Southern California... it's a comfort just knowing she's that much closer.

5. Geoff, William, Alex, Max, and Maria... my family are a dear, good thing.

So as not to be obtuse... I am on the mend (I hope) from a bulging disc. In fact, I was going to post about my ailment and pain, last week, but then it all got so out of control, I abandoned my blog, and a whole lot of other things, too! It started a month ago when I woke up with what I figured was a basic pinched nerve. Naturally I paid it little heed and kept urging myself to walk it off and carry on. At this point in the story Geoff is free to say "I told you so," because I scoffed at his oft repeated advice to seek medical attention. I am just so loath to see doctors, take meds, make much-ado-about-nothing. I did finally see my physician and he ordered a scan, but before I could keep the appointment today, I was all day in the ER on Saturday. Yeah, basically I was a feeble, writhing, blubbering, twisted and desperate piece. And now we know why: Bulging disc. I was afraid they might tell me It's nothing-go home, but by then I was fairly certain the MRI would reveal a small and snarly, fanged gremlin chewing on my nerves and tendons!

My mom offered to come and help (so glad to have her on speed dial, just in case.) Janece was ready to feed us, and the goats and the chickens! (I've got her number handy, too.) Anna came with pie and chili, and sympathy. Diana came with good advice, a good accupuncterist (sp, I know... blame the meds) and these awesome links for ice packs. Ice packs! I was reluctant, but now Ice and I are friends. So, I am chillin' and healin' and copin' and hopin'. I don't recall anything I did to injure myself, but you can be sure I will not be lifting any goats, or carrying sacks of feed, anymore!

Please, tell me, what's good with you?


Peaches said...

Five Good Things Monday:
1. I have a new (to me) mattress and woke up without a backache for the first time in a long time. New is good.
2. My son and daughter-in-law are the best…they set up my new bed, washed my sheets, and remade the bed. That is just awesome.
3. Rolling a tennis ball underneath my foot is will be good for me.
4. The weather is perfect…all week.
5. My students, past and present, are the greatest in the world!

Natalie said...

A few good things: a) I'm about to go pick up my son who is being cared for from 11 to 5 by family and I go feed him on my lunch breaks, b) I snuck in a sandwich at my desk since my whole lunch hour is taken up by feeding and playing with Sam and c) the sun is out today in lovely Portland, Oregon. Oh and d) I took photos of yellow and red leaves on my walk into work. xo

ArtyZen said...

Pain is sooo debilitating, Natalie. I'm so sorry you have any at all but glad to hear it's on the mend now. I have so many good things, I couldn't limit them to five just now and I am deeply grateful and appreciative. (I do have a bladder infection though, and am resisting going to the doctor's...perhaps I should but I really don't like to make a fuss and it's probably going to pass very soon...what do you think?) Hugs, Axxx

judy in ky said...

1. I spent a long weekend in Philadelphia with wonderful friends.
2. I came home to find out I just won Put an Egg on It.
3. Today is a free day with no appointments or obligations.
4. It's time to plug in the heated water dish for the outdoor kitties.
5. I have an indoor kitty sleeping by the fireplace.

warren said...

I processed sorghum from field to jar an soccer season is almost over...two really good things here! I hope you are able to stay down long enough to properly heal...take your time and do it right!