Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Early Christmas

I love the timing of this special delivery. It came after dark, the postal carrier knocking at our door with a package. Geoff and all the children were home, and we were in the midst of weekday busyness... dishes, homework, Geoff going back into work, pondering dinner options. There was a collective and joyful sigh when we saw the return address on the neat box... Wisconsin. A card and personal note, and all of these homemade delicacies and treats, from Grandma Nancy.

The box must have sat in a particularly warm spot in the delivery van, because as though they were fresh from the oven, the cookies were warm! Geoff held up a green tree cookie, and said, "This is my childhood." He looked nostalgic, and I understood the memories he was was enjoying. Christmas, in Wisconsin. Grandma's house. Treats, laughter, snow, sledding, the tree in the front window, and a Scrabble game at the kitchen table.

I took a plate to Max, who was done reading Crime and Punishment and almost finished with physics. A cookie and Chex mix makes any homework load easier. Maria was exclaiming over the Chex mix, and highly impressed with the very idea of making chocolate pretzels at home! William smiled, nostalgic, too, I think. Alex and I were sampling. We were all enjoying Grandma's note, and recalling sledding in the backyard... taking care not to land in the creek!

Indeed, this early Christmas brought something for everyone to enjoy!

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