Thursday, December 19, 2013

Maria and Her Piratical Mateys

Yo Ho! Maria had a practically perfect piratical party!

Captain & Crew :: Amira~Maria~Izzy~Charlotte~Chanay~Nathalie

She's nine years old, a first rate captain... she leads with a smile, sets her sails for a true course, and is always willing and eager to work alongside her crew. She is curious, inspired, enthusiastic. She knew her ninth birthday would be a pirate birthday since she was six years old. Even stormy weather fails to dampen her spirits, and when we had to reschedule this shindig, she was as right as rain about it.

Her grandmother Ruth baked not one, but two amazing piratical cakes. Maria's aunt Holly came in full pirate garb... ooh arghh! There was a bouncy house, which was nearly bounced into retirement... it was bounced in from morning through the night! We made a treasure hunt, complete with hidden clues and riddles. When they found the X they brought up a chest full of Lego bricks, and some {melted} chocolate coins. Every scurvy dog got to reach in, eyes shut, and pull out their share of the booty! I love their hopeful expressions. Maria was so delighted she even danced a jig. James' gift served as a perfect candle snuffer!

Notice William's vest? He finished it! He was pushing himself, to have it completed in time for his sister's party. He really customized that pattern a lot. We both did, actually. He added pocket plackets, made buttons, sewed button holes and redesigned the back ties. I had to learn custom darts, how to make button holes, and wear/how to cut the pattern for a better fit. Undaunted by our challenges and setbacks, William is already talking about his next sewing lesson! William cut a dashing figure, and gave Maria's pirate theme great flare.

Max deserves a shout out, too. I know he's not pictured... he's shy, and he moves fast. But I didn't fail to notice that he was tireless in being the sea monster, striking fear and raising shrieks from his sister and her friends. We much appreciate Alex for securing his bamboo fort, making it sturdy enough for the rough bunch who came ashore looking for treasure.

It was a fun day, full of kindnesses, sweetness, friendnesses, cakenesses, and piratenessess... thanks to friends and family, near and far, Maria is a happy, and well-feted pirate girl.


judy in ky said...

So much fun and so many friends! Maria is a lucky girl. William's vest turned out wonderfully and he does indeed make a dashing pirate!

Kim said...

awesome party! those cakes are both outstanding. maria is such a fun 9 year old.

Janece said...

What a fun and happy day this was! Happiest of memories celebrating the happiest of pirates!

It's delightful reliving the fun moments through the photos!