Monday, January 06, 2014

Five Good Things

Alex and Max brought home a curbside Christmas tree for the goats. They love pine needles and bark, nibbling and browsing like dear deer. The tree smells so marvelously of pine, and nostalgia, I had to resist the impulse to bring it into our home and hang lights on it. Such a pretty tree! Now it's cinched to the bare branch we have standing in the goats' yard. Our intention was to make the goats happy, but we have discovered that all the animals are enjoying their evergreen. The bunnies shelter and nap underneath the dense branches, the goats nibble at it, and brush against it, and the chickens flap their way up to the high limbs and peck away. Seems there's more than one way to re-use your retired Christmas tree! And lucky us... Michal and Kellie donated their pretty pine to the goats!

Good Things...

1. Except for lingering coughs, we are nearly mended. {I am stating this rather bitterly, since the school break is over, and we missed far too many chances to play!}

2. There are new toys and pretty things to use and admire... candle making, soon, and something with a Dremel!

3. The children never complained... happy homebodies that they are!

4. There is rain in the forecast.

5. More eggs! One is as round as they come, and chocolate brown. Lilikoi, our Buff Orpington laid an egg that's almost pink! It's a warm, creamy color with white spots.

I haven't quite settled on an official New Year resolution, but I think it will include appreciation. Gratitude makes a very good starting point. Have you some good things to share?


Anna Banana said...

1. Gung hay fat choy - year of the horse. Coming soon.
2. Rejuvenated by time spent outdoors with friends.
3. Lowered expectations for myself in 2014, what a relief!
4. New addiction - potstickers from 99 Ranch Market.
5. Looking forward to rain.

Unknown said...

1. Boys are coming back home after a 2-week vacation with their dad!
2. One of our Christmas boxes didn't make it to its destination, so I had to make more cookies and re-send the package. There are cookies in the house again! :)
3. Went on a wonderful hike with Patrick yesterday and really re-connected while enjoying nature and the views....
4. Actually looking forward to our regular work/school routine.
5. Sunshine!!! :)

Dallas said...

Glad you're all feeling better. I think we're over the worst of our illnesses too. Here's my list of good things:

1. School starting again, getting back into a routine.
2. I'm blogging more and taking more photos of our day with the real camera, rather than my phone.
3. I'm going to a Mom's night out this week!
4. I'm reading blogs again! And feeling inspired!
5. Started planning some of our travels for this year.

judy in ky said...

At the moment I can think of only two good things: 1) our temperature is finally forecast to go above zero tomorrow and 2) your blog!
(I'm sure there are more, but the cold made my brain run slow today.)

nikkipolani said...

BRILLIANT! Who knew you could recycle Christmas trees right at home?!