Monday, February 03, 2014

Five Good Things

Just a small sample of the mess from this weekend's Accidental Rube Goldberg Disaster! It really was a remarkable, quick succession of events, and I guess the grand finale was the fire extinguisher exploding all over everything! At our place, the groundhog's prediction is for six more weeks of cleaning!

Good Things…

1. Diana and I enjoyed delicious bowls of gyoza ramen, Friday night.

2. Max made all the necessary changes to his schedule, so he could take a second math class this year: Hello, Honors Pre-Calculus!

3. We tried taro durian something. It wasn't great. But, hey… it was fun trying!

4. Alex has us so well prepared for disaster(s,) we have everything we need, on hand, to cope with our latest mis-adventure.

5. I repaired our bed, and after a week sleeping on the living room floor, it feels quite luxurious!

Happy Monday. Do you have some good things to share?


Anna Banana said...

1. Big day last week was last week and now it's a new week, new month, in the new year.
2. Bit of rain is better than no rain.
3. Leftover homemade pizza in the fridge for lunch.
4. Turned in 3 pairs of high (>2 in) heels at My Sister's Closet and came home with nice comfortable shoes and a purse. Going back in a few days with a purse that didn't work for me; 70% off everything.
5. My good friends are like buttah.

judy in ky said...

1. Everyone liked the chicken wings I made.
2. I liked the acorn squash I made stuffed with quinoa.
3. I made real bread with real yeast for the first time in a long time.
4. The polar vortex retreated.
5. The sun was shining today.