Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Garden Journal

Maria needed a homework break. Lately she's been feeling easily rattled, a bit distressed by this and that. My solution, tonight? A visit to the garden, where she kicked the soccer ball, pulled weeds, fed bunnies, and planted peas. It's cold outside and damp from last night's shower. Good pea weather, I hope. The hens came running to greet us. They're fun company in the garden. A chicken can lift your spirits, as much as dirt, sprouts, and carrots, so I think this time was well spent.

Seeds and sprouts, harvests and feasts~
A record of what's growing on in our Bird House Garden.

Monday, February 3, 2014
Cloudy, 57/48F. Rain forecast for Thursday.

Bed 2: Carrots
Barrel: Peas

Bed 1: Spinach, carrots
Bed 2: Carrots
Bed 3: Radishes, lettuce, beets, beans
Bed 4: Garlic, nasturtium in bloom

Harvest: Blood oranges, lemons, oranges, lettuce, spinach, carrots

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Dallas said...

Sounds very relaxing. Someday, I hope we live in a place we can grow some food in a garden.