Monday, February 24, 2014

Goat Love

Tasha and Ada got a special gift from the school farm!  A eucalyptus tree had sprouted right where the new garden beds were going.  A lot of team work and heavy lifting was needed to clear the area of the growth, and the huge limbs and cuttings that were stashed there.  The job was done, and our goat girls were the lucky winners of these lovely eucalyptus cuttings!   Tasha looks so pretty and pleased, I just had to share her picture and say thanks to farmers, everywhere!


janece said...

I love Tasha and Adam. Knowing and seeing them happy makes me happy too!

cabinfeverkid said...

That's so nice for them, I love the open air farm, it makes me happy too.

judy in ky said...

So many good things done by so many good people… for the animals. I love hearing about it.