Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A Sticky Chicken Star

This is Sticky. She is a Cochin, and she is a star! Not just a Chickenblog star, but an actual star of the silver screen!

A while back I got the idea to meet new hens, and roosters, any chickens, that were special. We know, all chickens are special, but sometimes our flocks have standouts, and they deserve time in the spotlight. When I asked to meet your extra special birds, we were introduced to Hector, the rooster at Mucky Boots Farm. Then, we got to enjoy the domesticated darling, Annie, from Little Egg Flock.

Tammie blogs at Loves Chickens, and she also chronicles life at C Spots Farm. Here is what Tammie shared with me about her pretty little mottled Cochin..."Sticky is a bantam Cochin Hen that is 5 years old. She was my daughters 4-H project and she went to many libraries to give exhibits to the public. She used to entertain the kids by sitting on my daughter's knee and letting the kids come up and pat her. Sticky's most recent venture was to be in a movie that came out last summer called "Here Comes the Boom" with Henry Winkler and Kevin James. It was fun to meet them behind the scenes and they admired and patted Sticky. So if you see the movie keep an eye out for a little black mottled chicken in the warehouse scene before Kevin James' character's first fight."

I should have asked, Why "Sticky?" Don't you wonder how she got her name? She sure is a cute little hen. I always perk-up when I see chickens in movies! It's pretty cool meeting a real life chicken star!

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Unknown said...

Love to see sticky on your blog! She actually got her name because as she was hatching the eggshell stuck to her :)