Monday, March 03, 2014

Five Good Things

William's birthday wish? A rainy day in the Zoo, or walking around Balboa Park. Not only were we happy to oblige, but nature was more than generous with the rain. We spent half the day walking all over the park, and Geoff was able to join us too, before going into work. We saw the Pirate exhibition in the Natural History Museum, ate lunch in the Prado, visited art studios, and the Gem and Mineral Society's gallery. Because of the NAT's Real Pirate exhibition the park was full of head-to-toes pirate cosplayers… that was fun to see. Back at home, William made dinner, and had ice cream and toppings on hand for making sundaes. Friends came by, we watched Galaxy Quest. That movie never gets old! There was no great hoopla, nothing too elaborate, but the simplicity and pleasure of it was rich, satisfying. We were able to connect and engage and enjoy the day, contentedly celebrating William, his interests, his happy birthday.

Good Things…

1. Boots, umbrellas, and puddles.

2. Over the weekend we saw, and got to have hugs from, Hans, Gretchen, Aunt Becky, Grandma Eunice, Grandma Delia, James, Suki, Janece, Paul, & Amira.

3. Geoff and I walked this morning, and we saw… drum roll: The Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher!

4. Cleaning out the muck and the mud from the storms, with Geoff's help and company… I enjoyed it so much, I told him it counts as a date.

5. All of the welcome and thrilling business of having four days of rain.

I hope you will share some of the good things you are enjoying.


Unknown said...

Happy Monday to you!! :)
1. Waiting for my Mom and Sister to arrive in less than 2 hours!!
2. The house is actually clean enough for guests (yay me!)
3. The rain was nice, but I'm happy to see the sun again!
4. 3 new clients this week!!
5. Business referrals from old friends and colleagues! Will they ever know how much I appreciate their trust in me?!

Thank you Natalie, for this!! Puts a smile on my face every week! :)

Janece said...

I love this series of photos. And I love the first one photo - it looks like a funny little monster with white teeth to me. It makes me happy. And, I love rainy day photos because colors really pop. I could rave about each photo. Another favorite... the circles radiating out of the water from Maria's rainbooted feet. Perfect.

My five good things:

Anna Banana said...

1. Too busy yesterday to post 5 good things.
2. Dear friends visited for 36 hours, short and sweet.
3. I have a new fitbit zip; taking more steps, more more more.
4. Another fabulous sunset.
5. My beauty cat.

Kim said...

Oh I like how you guys do birthdays; that's similar to our family tradition.
1. More cool weather!
2. Starting a new good book "Walk Like a Buddha"
3. Debating whether to make raspberry coconut macaroons or chocolate dipped ritz cracker-strawberry ice-cream sandwiches. Hmmmmmmmm
4. Paying off a big chunk of debt with our tax return feels pretty good
5. Looking forward to my "date" with Joe to watch one of the last episodes of Breaking Bad. I'm on the edge of my seat :0

judy in ky said...

That's wonderful. I'm glad he had the perfect birthday, and your photos are beautiful.
My five good things:
1. The little gray kitten we took to be neutered.
2. The little golden kitten we took to be neutered.
3. The little white with black spots kitten we took to be neutered.
4. The little calico kitten we took to be spayed.
5. The mother cat, who we think is in heat again, is going to be spayed tomorrow.