Monday, April 07, 2014

Five Good Things

A nice thing about having traditions and rituals is that when you don't know what to do, or when you don't want to do anything, there is something in place to coax you, to encourage you to move forward. It helps, I think.

We have had a really lovely start to the spring break Max and Maria are on. Maria and I are playing a little game in which we make a deliberate effort to do something special each day. Friday her cousins came by, and she had a good time sharing her pets, playhouse, and stickers. Saturday we went to a ladybug event at a local nursery. Maria got to paint a tiny birdhouse, and feed a pony. William made friends with the-brown-pony-who-bites. Warning signs were posted everywhere, but Brown Pony and William are friends. Amira was over, and the evening was spent with all kinds of play, followed by a lengthy spell of funny video shorts, and a They Might Be Giants dance party in the kitchen. Sunday... we lounged and lolled, and nibbled the cake William baked. Anna Banana came by. Maria invented a method for making her own stamps. We saw James and John, and then we met Tutu, Holly and Izzy and saw Muppets Most Wanted. That would have been deluxe enough, but then Maria and I stopped at an ocean side restaurant and dined with a view! It was very la-di-da and tasty, too. Our favorite part was watching the bats! They use massive flood lights so diners can watch the surf, and the light draws insects, and the insects attract bats, and we had a great time with our cloth napkins, faux candle light, and the Bat Show!

The closer Geoff gets to the finish line at work, the tougher it gets, so we are all in the deep thick of it right now... counting down, and hoping for the best. He is working every single day/night. Those long hours are rough. Also, there have been some passages in our circles, and a crisis, or two, that have us deeply concerned. {Someone recently called me out for "vague-booking" on FB. Guilty. Hey, I figure... either you "get it" and you can add your two cents, or you don't get it and you can inquire, then add your two cents. But if it doesn't register, or matter to you, then move on!} One thing I've come to realize is no matter how much, or how little, I share, someone will always find something objectionable. Today, I am choosing to say too little, while adding that our prayers, and thoughts are heavy with care and love.

And because life is always mixed with the good, and the striving, the happy, and the messes, I will think about some good things.

Good Things...

1. There are so very many ways we can stay in touch and communicate. Granted, things can still wind up like an unfortunate game of telephone, but mostly our social media, texting, twitting, chatting, calling, writing, and face to face encounters are almost miraculous.

2. Reclining theater chairs. Very la-di-da, and comfy, too.

3. When you vague-book and friends rally around, and say nice things to help you get back on a good course.

4. Nurses, doctors, healers, and all their learning and resources put to best use, and the healing that we pray for.

5. Paint, glitter glue, wood, metal, clay, chocolate, eggs, gears, wires, batteries, paper, bits and pieces, and time to enjoy making.

Please! Come right out and say it... tell us some good things~


Anna Banana said...

1. LAX mission accomplished!
2. Texting dear ones about how it was going.
3. Realizing it's not just ok to go with the flow, the flow is what's happening now so don't miss out.
4. Tired in a good way.
5. Looking forward to breakfast of multi-colored eggs.

judy in ky said...

1. Back home again.
2. Travel was safe and fun
3. I grew up in a free country
4. My cats were happy to see us
5. My neighbor and my sister helped with the cats while we were away

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Love your good stuff, friends.