Monday, April 28, 2014

Five Good Things

Stepping out of the space capsule, returning from their journey to a distant galaxy! Liberty did not hesitate, or stand on formalities. As soon as the hatch opened, she bolted, ready to get on with her day. Just look at her no nonsense expression. I love her unruffled attitude.

Lilikoi was less sure. I can almost imagine the thoughts in her wee head... What just happened? Was that a time machine? Is this place solid, will there be air to breath? Or maybe just... Food! Is there food? I like food.

Eventually, she was assured that it was safe to emerge, and rejoin the flock.

Slowly, gingerly, as is Lilikoi's sweet way.

Here is Totoro, in front. We know her by her single white feather at the corner of her beak. She would have enjoyed visiting the school farm and coop. She would have been in a tizzy over those three separate nesting boxes! Totoro can never just settle into one nest. She's always switching over, booting out other hens, when she thinks they have something better. With three luxury nest boxes to choose from, I don't know how she would cope!

And still in the space capsule, we see our dear Mako. She's in no hurry. Calm and mild, Mako probably thought the adventure was a hoot! The ride in the van, bouncing on the speed bump, new digs to scratch in, and new faces to greet. She was chillin' the whole day through.

Good Things...

1. William's diligence, research and tests have paid off: He's developed a delicious vegetarian meat ball for spaghetti dinners!

2. Sunday sweets... a half flat of farm fresh strawberries!

3. A regular stream of updates and good news from Wisconsin, where Grandpa Phil is in therapy to recover from a major health crisis.

4. Georgia, Phil's sweetheart, ally, friend, advocate, and steadfast love. She's been a blessing.

5. Mechanics. We've been getting our cars into the shop, and bringing everything into good working order... So happy to have the resources to get these things accomplished.

Our friends, Kellie and Adam, brought over their extra egg cartons for us. They also have chickens and a thriving egg business. Are you looking for good eggs? We have them, and egg cartons too! Fresh as can be, organic, free-range, pretty... good eggs are a great deal!

What's good with you? Please, share!


Anna Banana said...

1. Big life fantasies.
2. Boyz to Men. In the house.
3. Mobile vet coming to treat Patricio's fleas.
4. Celebrating Karen E's birthday, a true milestone.
5. Getting my act together.

judy in ky said...

What a gorgeous flock! Please ask William if he will share his recipe with us.
1. My doctor gave me some medicine to stop my coughing and allow me to sleep
2. We celebrated my husband's birthday yesterday
3. My sister and her family got home safely from their vacation
4. My mom got Medicare to pay for her heart medicine
5. We might be going back to Hawaii

Alison said...

1. Finally being set free from the office.
2. First harvest donated to Friendship Gardens.
3. Mom dealing very ably with Dad's brief hospital stay.
4. Building our first raised bed together, and enjoying the process.
5. Opening myself to making a living more creatively.

6. Ah, captcha word: "Heart."