Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So Cal Fires: Safe But Uncomfortable

Out on errands, looking north... too close for comfort

Yesterday our eyes were fixed on the Bernardo Fire, which, as of this morning, has consumed 1600 acres. It's about eight miles east of our view, but the wind seemed to be blowing more toward the south, and thankfully, they seem to have it more contained than not. Still, residents are asked to stay on "high alert." It's hard not to be on high alert. Today we are watching two more fires, new ones to the north of us. We know friends and family are preparing to be evacuated, and we know how that feels... it's nerve-racking stuff. Our neighborhood schools have been messaging the families to reassure us. After-school programs are cancelled, lunch was taken indoors. It's 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind is dry, and hard blowing. This the crud we anticipate in the fall, not for our typically Gray May.

In all practical ways, I can remain calm and rational, but having evacuated from three close-calls before, I cannot say this gets any easier. My respect for wind and fires, for flying embers has only grown, and I know this is a perilous time. Our public servants, especially the firefighters, are in my best thoughts and thankful prayers.


judy in ky said...

I have been thinking of you every time I see this on the news. May it stay at a safe distance from you and may the firefighters and everyone stay safe.

Janece said...

Honestly, you've been a source of comfort to me - thank you.