Saturday, May 17, 2014

What a Relief!

We woke up to a view of fog, and with a greater sense of relief. The fires are not out, but they are getting under control. Evacuations are being lifted! There is a lot of well deserved praise and gratitude being stated for the united efforts of Cal Fire, and for the changes in fire fighting efforts that were put in place after the chaos and confusion of previous county fires. A lot was lost in this week, but a lot more is being saved, and it's good to realize this.

We still need to equip our firefighters with modern capabilities and technology... in this changing climate, we cannot afford to cut budgets where public safety is concerned. One way, or another, we will pay. As those winds die down, the humidity rises, and everything cools off, I hope we will remember that there are still first responders out there, and they are giving everything they can to defend our homes and lives.

We need levity and distraction! We are not at Maker Faire. (Insert a picture of our crestfallen, bewildered faces here.) It was a decision based on very full school schedules, but as it turns out, this May Firestorm would have made it a tough adventure to pull off, so in some ways we are happy we chose to stay in town. (But, please do note my mature and rational tone, is a thin veneer, barely covering the crushing disappointment, and envy of friends who are attending. Woe, woe, woe is we.)

Have you figured out that this random assortment of pictures is just that: a random assortment of pictures! I up loaded images from my iPhone. They make a happy gallery, reminding me of the silly, odd, interesting, inspiring, and good things that I have noticed and appreciated since April.

Cactus blooms, seen on an evening walk.

Our new friend, who changes hats, daily, and sits at the dining table.

School spirit, and friendly nonsense.

Foo. Dear, dear Washburn Foo.

And this. Chango, a bit bent out of shape. Can he represent our will to persevere, to endure, in spite of setbacks, indignities, trials, and the things life can do to put us out of sorts? We carry on, we move forward, and we laugh. Hopefully, we laugh.

It might drizzle on Tuesday. Yes! Yes. Yes. I would so very much love a gorgeous drizzle.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Natalie, wasn't that fog a lovely sight this morning! We had it too here in East County, east of La Mesa and it was beautiful. We were submerged in it when I awoke at 5:00, then it slowly crept away to the west, and a little later it came back in again but just a little before leaving for the day. I enjoyed your random assortment of photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

judy in ky said...

I like the random photos! So glad to hear things are improving, and agree 100% about supporting public services. Let's hope you get the sprinkle.

judy in ky said...

I meant drizzle, not sprinkle! (or both might be good)