Thursday, June 05, 2014

Biomes The Musical

Just two of the stars from the third grade musical production about Biomes. Nathalie is a red-capped mushroom, and Maria is dressed for her Western dance as a leopard gecko! Let's put aside the fact that I am Maria's mom, that I helped make costumes, that I know this class, and am utterly smitten by these sweet children... all that aside, my perfectly unbiased critique of the third grade musical: They were entertaining, polished, charming, fun, and really good. Really. They were good! The only glitch was a technical one... they had to work with just one microphone, but the setback did not trip them up a bit, and everyone danced, sang, and performed beautifully. It was a treat to see how well they responded to their characters, and how earnestly they played their parts. Shucks, if you don't think I can give a fair account, then you should ask William or Alex, Geoff will tell you, and Ruth, Maria's grandmother, would agree, too... it was a hit! Gold Stars and Tonys!


Anonymous said...

They were really, really good. So much fun. By the way, you made those mushroom caps, Natalie!!?? Kudos.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

An objective witness!
Tutu, we're so glad you were there to share the experience.
Last night Maria said, "I wish there was more time to visit with Tutu."
She was also surprised that it was over... after all the preparing, and anticipation,
it does feel "all-of-a-sudden-over."
(Mushroom caps and tunics, and polar bear hats! Thank you!}