Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Mister Washburn Foo Little Library Cat

Every day this Little Free Library feels more, and more, official. Maria loves being a library steward, and stays on top of labeling new books, and checking to see if books are going out. We put lemons in the attic, and at the base we have a water bowl for the dog walkers. We are eager to have themes, with activities, too... seasonal, holidays, and topical, like gardening, cooking, making! As a matter of fact, a neighbor, and master gardener, has offered to do a composting lesson and demonstration! We are already feeling the community enthusiasm for the library grow!

Geoff and I added the official sign, and of course this gave me a fresh surge of giddiness. Even Mister Foo looks on with eager interest, from his Bird House window perch. And isn't a library more charming with a resident kitty? I do believe so.

I like that this is a dynamic, flexible, enterprise... we have ideas, and hopes, but the best part might be the happy little surprises, and connections we'll make. I've thought quite a bit about how the Bird House Library can serve our neighborhood, the community, but I hadn't begun to realize that we will be part of a greater community... the whole world, in fact! There are almost fifteen thousand other Little Free Libraries out there! Yesterday, Lana, the steward of the Little Free Library #0777, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, reached out to welcome us "into the Little Free Library world of awesomeness!" Their Tusslewood Little Free Library has a blog all its own, and it's full of great links, timely literary news, and great themes. Inspiring stuff, like World Book Day, and Canadian Literary Characters... our own sweet copy of Anne of Green Gables was borrowed on Saturday!

This is fun... opening a library, being stewards, connecting with neighbors, near and far! If you are inspired, intrigued, interested... I whole-heartedly encourage you to look a bit further, maybe just jump in! There are many ways to get involved with Little Free Libraries, and one of them may have you feeling giddy, too!

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judy in ky said...

Of course I think everything is more charming with a resident kitty. I also think what you are doing and what Maria is doing is wonderful in so many ways. Such an inspiration.