Friday, June 20, 2014

Blogging, My Brilliant Career

Okay, if you live with me, if you hang out, or pass my way, I may blog about you. I can't help it. Sometimes Geoff will do something hilarious/absurd/endearing/wrong, and I gently remind him, "I blog, you know." By this I mean, I will find it very hard to resist the impulse to share _this moment_ with the world {i.e. the five or six people who read Chickenblog} and I cannot be held accountable for my actions, because you ought to know better than to let me hold a camera, and posses a keyboard. I like to believe that I am mostly "harmless" and "inoffensive," that I am sensitive to people's feelings, and privacy. I adhere to a strict policy of no unflattering pictures. BTW, if you don't appreciate a picture I've posted, just say so, and I will remove it, because I like to play nice. Believe me, my own children have censored Chickenblog content many times. It's all good.

This moment... I cannot resist the impulse to tell the world {i.e. the five or six people who read Chickenblog} that I have been living with:

Bosco – 10 year old Bearded Collie
Leo – 2 ½ year old Jack Russell mix
Buster – Red eared slider
Jordy, Dot and Nugget – hens
Lacey – rooster
Fatsy – tree frog
Gizmo – leopard gecko
Rumpy - Tarantula
Nigel – snake
Astro, Comet - Fish
Guinea pigs – Chubs and Marley
Sammy – Rabbit

Oh, and for the record: Meal worms, and crickets.

While their family is enjoying some much deserved vacation time, I have been a stand-in farmer. Here are Bosco, and Leo. And my latest crocheted dishcloth. Nice thing about dogs: You can crochet in front of them, even drop your thread on the floor, and they will not attack it, or try to carry it away. Dogs are not cats.

Alone in the house... well, not actually ALONE! I have been talking to myself. But that's a silly thing to do, so I talk to the dogs, and that seems quite rational. Bosco and Leo take in a narration of all the things I am doing... "Lettuce for you, and lettuce for you, and lettuce for you. And who needs water? Sammy, do you need water?" Good stuff, like that. Nice thing about dogs: You can talk to them, and they look interested. They turn their heads, and perk up, they get excited, or show interest, hanging on every word. Dogs are not cats.

I am fascinated by Bosco's ability to navigate the home and yard, practically blindfolded by his own mop top! How does he do it?? I've been trying all week to get a focused portrait of Mister Bosco, but he can't handle it. He needs to get real close, or turn to see what Leo's found. So all the Bosco pictures are at least a little bit blurry.

Same with Leo. No focused pictures. He's got plushies to decapitate, noises to investigate, and when I bring out the camera, he needs to move in for a real-super close-up sniff. Also, he like to sneak in for a snuggle... almost cat-like, he waits for a quiet moment and then suddenly he's on my lap, on my chest, in my face, with eyes that say "Let's snuggle. I think I belong here, don't you?"

Of all things... you'd think a Chickenblogger would have all of the farm critters eating out of the palm of her hand. Nope. Not a chance. Not with this cocky-dude in the yard. Lacey. Lacey the rooster. He is all rooster, and duty bound to defend his ladies, and he hates me. He wants to see me go down, run, flee, submit to his mighty roosterness. {He's winning. In this case, I'm the chicken.}

Alex wrapped up his first week of summer school, and helped me with our Bird House Farm. Max has been unwinding from his academic year, and preparing for our first adventure of the summer... a trip to celebrate Great Grandma Nancy's 90th birthday! William, too, has been helping me with things at home, while doing his sculpting and research. Maria is finishing her last day of school, today! Geoff... that guy never stops working, which is why I feel even more thankful for all he does for us. I've had a "job" for one week, and it's been a bit hectic, hairy, and called for creative juggling, but after tomorrow I retire. Geoff keeps going! He installed a new window, replacing one that was rotting to death. He replaced siding. Wired a gate. Caulked. Trouble-shooted... and those are the extras!

Well, I haven't retired, yet! I gotta roll. I'm taking my boots, today, so Lacey has something solid to attack.


Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on how healthy your friends' animals are. Look at that rooster's comb! Look at Bosco's white teeth!


Robin said...

Lacey looks like he'd flog the world if given a chance. The rest of cuties look sweet as can be!

My youngest daughter is prone to say "Don't write about that..." I miss out on telling so many good stories when she censors me. ;)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Zan, like Sherlock Holmes, you have discovered a big truth with small clues!
When I said the family's vacation was well-deserved, I meant it, most sincerely.
Their list of pets is a long one, but with each new addition their love, dedication,
interest, and care only increases. Their pets are adored, respected, admired and
appreciated. There cannot be a doubt that they are to be commended for the high level
of care they invest in their family of pets.

And I cannot mention this without adding that
all of it stems from their son's interest in animals. When I met Jarett, he was in second grade, a classmate of Max's, and it could not escape anyone's notice that Jarett loved animals... a lot! Every show and tell, his birthday party theme, the books he chose, his reports and school projects... he never failed to talk about animals, to research their care, their needs. He was passionate, and this may not be unusual for a young grade school aged child, but what is remarkable is how his parents received their son's passion... with 100% respect, support, and encouragement. They have done about all they can to demonstrate their faith in, and love of, their son and his interests. Jarett’s mother jokes about the city-girl lifestyle she foregoes, and each new adventure she takes in stride! Now, as a high school student, Jarett is as much, if not more, certain of his desire to work for the causes of animal care, and conservation. More than lip service, he applies his time and heart to the needs of animals, wherever he can.

The “Family Farm” is inspiring. It’s tidy, well organized, with systems in place to meet all the needs of the many and varied residents. It’s not pretentious, and there are definitely rescued pets in the mix… it’s simply a lovely example of time and care applied to what they love. And you are right… Lacey is a healthy, gorgeous rooster, and the dogs, Bosco and Leo, are in top form. People, and pets, healthy and happy!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

To protect his hens, yes, he would flog the world! He hurt my feelings, and my calves, but I understand his job, and have to respect him for doing it so darn well!

I wonder how some bloggers get away with all they share... I think you and I will have better luck staying in our children's good graces!