Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early Hibernation and Other Autumn Pleasures

We are in fog. It's wonderful. Our neighborhood, the view from the bedroom window, is blanketed, soft, grey. Autumn is really here. There are trees with red and golden leaves, there are pumpkins in home gardens, the markets, dotting the farm field on the bluffs by the sea. Last night I lit a candle, set it in the hallway, and was inspired to organize the counter, there, dust the photographs and vases. This morning I made hencakes... that may have more to do with a good night's sleep than fog, but I am so blissfully pleased and content I will assign all good things to fog, and God. For a moment, my thoughts are insulated, too, and all the worries and sadness of the world are a safe distance away. For me, this season means calm, reflection, whimsy, gratitude, and it fills me with the happy anticipation of peace and light, of home and family holidays, of getting quiet, of giving. If this were a season for making wishes, I would wish that all of our best intentions, all of the lighthearted, and peace-minded celebrations would spread from home to home, from each of us to everywhere, for everyone.

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Janece said...

It was delicious this morning!! Our canyon had that soft blanket of grey too. Although I would love to see your view... that would have been especially delightful.

PS - Your writing... beautiful!