Monday, September 22, 2014

Five Good Things

Tasha Tudor Goat & Ada Lovelace Goat

Good things...

1. No losses, except feathers, when the bobcat came to call.

2. Being invited. {Even if you cannot play, but especially if you can... it's just feels so nice to be included.}

3. Being invited and knowing when to, graciously, say 'no, thank you.'

4. These cool days, the grey, the mist, the relief.

5. Max planning a birthday celebration for his good friend Lucas, and seeing them happily immersed in their card game.

No, I don't love Mondays. And this one is being particularly crushing. I suppressed all the voices and urges to skip the good things, to itemize all the aggravations, and frustrations, and... it sort of helps? Who am I kidding? Sometimes a Monday is just too much, too soon, and it's a good thing I can get breakfast, lunch, clean clothes, brushed hair, a backpack, shoes, and two children where they need to go, all in twenty minutes... without any collateral damages. I sure hope you are having a serene, organized, healthy, and rested Monday morning. Please share some of your good things.

1 comment:

Janece said...

How I love your goaters! So much!!

I'm grateful for your 5 things.

Here are my 5 things - even though I've technically missed the Monday part of Monday's Five Good Things:

1) I have to agree on the cooler days... every day I sigh in relief and with gratitude for the cooler weather.

2) For my daughter's willingness and desire to work hard to be a person of heart, compassion, playfulness and connection.

3) For a husband who, despite his own weariness and fatigue, gets up and does his best to reach towards our goals.

4) For friends who love me, encourage me and spur me on to good things.

5) For the synchronicity of having said prayers and sent loving energy for a friend one evening and having her contact me, the next day, for a spontaneous lunch invitation before she moves to Atlanta next week.

PS - Another good thing is the fifth anniversary of the Bird House! What a gift that home is and the people who reside within!