Monday, November 10, 2014

Five Good Things

Janece and I took a neighborhood walk, down in San Diego... should do this every weekend! Of course not every weekend in fall feels like a day in spring! We had a nice excursion, discovered a yummy cafe, learned about a {tee-hee-snicker-snicker} funny {aptly?} named milk weed variety. And all giggling aside, this plant was amazing... full of Monarchs and ladybug beetles. Of course we have plenty of nurseries in our own neighborhood, but Green Gardens looks like a nursery worth a much longer visit.

Meanwhile, back at the Bird House, Geoff and Paul were making great strides on finishing the new overhang on the porch upstairs... this is all part of Operation Keep Rain Outside. Our leaking ceiling is oh-so-very close to being all dried up, and ready for El Niño winter. There really should be a picture, so I am promising myself to get the camera out there. Not only is the new mini roof going to save our living room, but it's giving the back of the house great visual perks. It looks really good. I already have plans for sleeping on the porch, next summer.

I made another pot of the veggie soup we had last week. Maria offered to name the soup, her new favorite, Confetti Soup! It's green, mostly but with all the heirloom veg we get in there, this time including red spinach! it's festively speckled!

Hey, is today really the tenth of November? Seriously? We are thinking of Maria's birthday, and Thanksgiving, Christmas in the city, Winter Solstice, and more nights like Saturday night... fog rolling in, friends gathered 'round, games at the dining table, and even a fire in the fire place. Absolutely perfect. So happy for the moments when we slow down, because things are moving at unbelievable pace!

Good things...

1. Maria and Amira enjoyed a craft class together, and came home with new skills, and some darling minis.

2. Max hosted a card game party... so successful, their next one is today!

3. My friend Diana discovered stickers on FB message, and I got about fifty Pusheens with Pancakes!

4. We have, mostly, completed the planning phase of our A-frame tent scheme, and have made lumber and canvas purchases. Extra good... I think we've wrangled Paul and Janece into our new mania!

5. Dear friends have welcomed two little ones into their beautiful family! I could not be happier ... No, wait I take that back! When I get to finally meet them in person, and hold them, too, then I will be satisfied!

Happy Monday, friends. Happy Veterans's Day. I am grateful for this day to reflect on the generosity, bravery, skills, and sacrifices made by our service men and women, by all who serve, volunteer, protect, teach, heal, and give for our greater good.


judy in ky said...

Great, colorful pictures… puts me in a good mood. Happy Monday to you too!

LOuisette said...

Wonderfull fotos, and post,Have anice week, here in Belgium, it is the day veteran first war, 14-18