Monday, April 20, 2015

Definitely My Favorite Mini Cooper

Behold the Mini Copper Coop... The Mini Cooper!

Just the next town over we have friends with chickens. Friends with chickens, and gardens, and children. Friends with chickens, gardens, children, projects, ideas, tools, plans, notions, good humor, and generous natures... so, you can see why dropping in on them would be irresistible! I invited ourselves {me + Geoff + Maria} over to meet the new chicks, visit the big ladies, and see what's new. Robin and Sean were warmly obliging, which was grand, because I had to see the new wing of Casa de Chickens... an addition still under construction, yet already a stunning contender for finest chicken coop in the world... it is that beautiful. It's a copper feathered coop... or, as my mind keeps saying it, a Cooper!

The curved wall of the coop is overlapped in scalloped cut sheets of copper, artfully suggesting a gorgeous fat hen. These scrap pieces, leftover from a very old job project Sean did, inspired Robin in a big way, and together, Robin and Sean, have been putting this secure, and lovely chicken shelter together for the new additions to their flock. It has a secret door, and a concrete floor, breezeway windows, and an automatic door, so everyone is safe for the night! It is loaded with charm... and growing chicks!

I cannot remember any of the breed names. The blackest ones are a Norwegian breed {I will have to Google, I suppose.} Of course, I do recognize the Buff Orpingtons, but what about the mostly white ones with feathered feet? Robin says eventually they'll be more black than white. Could the one in front be a rooster? I love the gentle turn of the head and sweet faced gaze of the chick behind the one with a comb and cocky stare. Maria made friends with all of the mature hens, when Sean showed her where to find the sunflower seeds. She especially enjoyed holding the Ameraucana. In our experience, Ameraucanas, like our Mako chica, have some of the sweetest, most docile personalities. And of course, their pretty green and blue eggs are delightful to see.

This was such a wonderful start to our day... seeing our friends, and catching up a bit, talking about dirt, and weasels, sharing ideas, getting tips. Robin and Sean keep gorgeous garden beds, and have vast stores of practical knowledge. I feel reignited, which is a good thing, because, as I was confessing to Robin, my garden theme at the moment is: Fatigue & Neglect. Not pretty. I honestly do envy people who can close down most garden duties during the snowy season. Still, I effectively close down, when my internal gardening clock simply stops ticking, and I let everything go to seed. It really helps to get re-inspired... I feel a dirt order coming on!

And chicks? Ooh yes! Maybe a few chicks, too.

Look at this! Robin sent me this picture, and now I am ready to go back and hang out, again! Any chick would be lucky to call this place home~


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! So sparkly! The future greenish patina will be lovely too....

Mermama said...

I cannot believe this was a year ago - how sweet to re-live through your kind words! That big white one (Iowa Blue is the breed) was, indeed, a rooster - we had to re-home him after neighbor sent the city after us. His name was Louis and he was grand and I still don't know why the roos I have to say goodbye to are so much more affectionate than my hens!