Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little Planet Big Wonders

Happy Earth Day

We've been playing in the earth all week, getting dirty, making ourselves happy and tired. Tending the potted flowers, clearing out expired bits, moving in new specimens, and sharing our thanks, with small bouquets. Maria made her own little place on the planet with fallen leaves, petals and stones: A welcome mat, a bed and covers, the fire ring, and a colorful dinner. Alex and I sowed flower seeds, carrots, too. We planted chard, tomatoes, zinnias, peas. The jacarandas have bloomed early... it certainly feels like June, or May, at least. Hard to believe it's only April. Birds everywhere, bunnies growing. William spied the weasel couple who live in the foundation of the home next door... cheeky fiends. Max paces 'round the garden bed, and leaps over the hedges. There is fruit on the peach tree, apricots, apples, lemons, plums, figs. The pomegranate is blooming. Our hens are plump, and busy. Busy scratching, dust bathing, pecking, laying, being dear. The goats butt heads, and gambol. They eagerly accept all treats and affection. Mister Washburn Foo, our polka spotted Foo, waits for the gold finches to come to the feeder, then he springs to the ledge, nosed pressed to the screen. Or he drops to the floor, to pick up the dust. Chango walks out the front door, waits at the back door, then he goes at it all over again. Everyday, I wish that everyone could play in the earth, make themselves happy and tired, then go at it all over again.

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Unknown said...

beautiful images, beautiful words. :)