Monday, April 27, 2015

Five Good Things

Of all of us, I cannot say who loves the porch the most. But we all agree that it's done a world of good for Mister Washburn Indoor-Kitty Foo. He loves the porch. He loves the views, the birds, the cool concrete, the sunny spots, the napping spots, the rolling around and gathering dust spots. He loves springing up to the ledge, the excellent satisfaction he enjoys when the birds, at their feeder, dart off in a flutter. Bad kitty. But, he needs this, an outlet, some fun. We don't trust him on the loose, in nature. He's a hunter, a beast. He likes furry things, and feathered things. And it's likely, too, that some bigger furry things would like him. We feel better when he is indoors, and he feels better now that some of the outdoors can be enjoyed from inside.

We have our paints and chalks, strings, buttons, records, and tablecloths on the porch. It's a staging space for art, for picnics, for tinkering and make believe, for drinking tea, for lolling about, like a cat.

Good Things...

1. Coming home.

2. Being in Oregon, seeing my mother, and dad, my grandmother, aunt, cousin.

3. Having space for make believe, and company, for painting, and lolling like cats.

4. Missing Geoff, because I love him, and it's nice to feel a longing to be by his side.

5. Missing William, and Alex, and Max, and Maria, because I love them, and they make me laugh, and inspire me, because I am happy to think of being with them, again.

6. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, anytime, but most especially when you are far from home.

Happy Monday... care to wear your heart on your sleeve? Share something good~

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Anonymous said...

FIVE? Wow, I'm loving the dozens and dozens of things to love about that porch!