Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Corvallis & Farmer's Market

Yes, I got to return to Corvallis and that bakery I love, and the old buildings, grand trees, and more. This time for the Farmer's Market. Really, is there a better way to discover and appreciate a town than a visit to their farmer's market? Delia and I drove there, meeting Becky and Debbie. Getting veggies for dinner was just one excuse, otherwise I didn't need any incentive or pushes... Corvallis is attractive enough to lure me over. Do you spy the chicks and hens? All the plants and flowers were magnificent. Is it the light, the damp air, and clouded sky, that make their garden colors look so enlivened, so saturated in color? Everything looks like it's been run through a photo-editing app... like someone hit Enhance!

There were student farmers from OSU, and how about even younger farmers, like the ones at the Community Services Consortium's Youth Garden? They're building organic gardens with a mission: "To encourage learning, entrepreneurship and work readiness in Benton County youth and to grow and locally distribute responsibly raised produce." Plus: Gnomes, and Gnome Runs. {I'm no runner, but a Gnome Run?? I would do this. Seriously.} Also, their jellies are delicious. Strawberry~Spinach... yum!

And just one more shout-out... this time for the Corvallis Bicycle Collective. "Putting Bikes Under People Since 2009.
The mission of the Corvallis Bicycle Collective is to increase health, safety, sustainability, and happiness through bicycling.
We achieve this mission by providing the community with:
Used bicycles and parts,
Tools and knowledge to perform repairs, and
Outreach through workshops, classes, and events."

Brilliant! I love this. Makers are amazing, and there is something particularly extra awesome about makers who share.

My mom found the zucchinis she needed for dinner... {rice and wild rice, with sautéed zukes, and tomatoes, topped with cheese. It was delicious.} We caught up with my aunt and cousin, and found Ron, later, too. And mostly I just kept being awestruck by all the produce and flowers, those grape hyacinth, and sweet peas... swoon! And dogs! There were so many dogs, all well behaved, and patient, all in the mix of happy people, and loveliness. Oregon is good at happy and lovely, patience, too. It's a nice place to catch your breath, to find your veg, and take pictures to bring home. The last time we were here I was determined to return, and I feel the same this time... eager to go back to Oregon, especially with Geoff, and the kids, and friends. I am imagining a whole bunch of us bearded gnomes running through the Oregon gardens!


Corvallis Bicycle Collective said...

Thanks for the shout out, Chickenblogger! It's nice too to see an outside perspective of the wonderful farmer's market we've been spoiled by for so long.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy to do it... lots of cyclists in our family, and circle of friends, so I feel a special regard for them, and for people who support the culture. You guys are spoiled, and deserving... Corvallis is pretty awesome. Enjoy!

warren said...

Mushrooms...squeee!!!! (to quote you!)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I have always wanted to be quoted. Guess I should have considered my utterances!
Warren, they had all the shrooms... some very alien ones, too.