Friday, May 29, 2015

Moments In The Garden

Last week the colors in our little orchard were glowing. If someone asked Do you like corals, deep orange colors, paler shades of greens? I would hesitate to say Yes. But nature always does it best, and if I saw apples on a tree, or succulents washed in a light rainfall, if the corals were the colors of peaches and apricots, and the pale greens the undersides of apple clusters, then I would say Oh, yes I do, with conviction. It was just these sorts of colors that drew me into the garden, where I found hearts and almost ripe peaches, Anna apples weighing down the tiny tree, and Dorsett Goldens, too. I added links in case you are in a similar growing region, because these two varieties have been completely wonderful, fruitful, happy trees. {Sunset calls this area a Zone 24: Marine influence.}

Today, Alex and I harvested two baskets of Anna apples. It seems early. Certainly not like last year when we picked in mid-June. They're ready, though. Crisp, not too sweet. They are tart enough to make a delicious pie, sweet enough to enjoy with a sharp cheddar. I think the Dorsett apples will be ready in another week, or two... and then! Baking? Canning? Apple sauces? We've learned from previous attempts that neither of these varieties stores well, so we will stuff ourselves now, and wish we had more, later. The other fruit making an early showing... our white fig. It's like dessert off a tree, truly luscious. We ate the dozen wee peaches. And the plum? Well, technically there were two plums. One for Maria, and one for a crow. Lucky crow! If our peaches, plums, and apricots ever produce like the apples, I will have to beg Marla and Sharon to come teach me how to can! They posted a gorgeous picture of jars and jars of canned peaches from their garden. The colors were glowing!


  1. Oh aren't they all just gorgeous - it's mouthwatering just to look at your pictures!

  2. Beautiful, inspiring, mouthwatering....

  3. Absolutely delicious - photos and fruits! Enjoy your harvest.


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