Monday, June 29, 2015

Five Good and Fair Things

Watch your zukes! That is my gardening motto for as long as we are growing zucchini. This is the first year we've had an actual bounty of zucchini. In years past, we've had fair success to nothing in growing zucchini, so I think I am way out of practice about just how wildly they will grow, when left alone for too long. I thought I was being generous when I gave the hens the big zuke I found, but when I went back to the garden, I found loads more... about 25 lbs worth. These will be firm and seedy, but there are recipes for dealing with them, and I've made some friends sharing these beauties. Apples, and tomatoes, too! We made grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced apples, and we've been snacking on them, sharing them, but I think we are going to need to bake pies, soon.

Last baile for Ballet Folklorico! Maria and her friends made three appearances at the County Fair, and I think this last one was the best. They've had experience and more rehearsals, and the routine is getting into a groove. Best of all though... it was overcast and a wonderful ocean breeze was blowing through this new venue. Everyone was able to stay cooler, more comfortable... what a relief. Another thing to add to the pleasure was being joined by Robin and her mother, and Celine! I loved seeing Maria's smile light up with extra wattage when she saw us waving to her!

We made a special effort to hang out after the dancing, so we could catch some sights, and indulge in special treats. Roast corn with chile? Sí, por favor! Even a bag of cotton candy, then a ride on the giant ferris wheel, which has been beckoning to Maria all month! She loved it, of course. The crowds had to have been record-breaking, but we managed to see a few farm animals.

The people watching was exceptional, and seeing the robots was thrilling, too! Hard to believe it's been four years since we were at the Fair for robotics, and our favorite FIRST teams, like FIRST 2102 Team Paradox, and those Midnight Mechanics from The Preuss School. Proud and excited to see that first place ribbon on Marie Antoinette. Looks like Team Paradox is doing better than ever!

Good Things...

1. Our refrigerator died. And we scrambled to manage all the perishable food damages... even going so far as to bake 24 croissants! Duty calls. Nothing good in all of this, but Geoff did save the day: He had to manufacture a small part, to replace the broken mechanism (no longer made by Kitchen-no-Aid.) His time and efforts paid off, and we have a working refrigerator again!

2. Our first Summer Movie Night was fun... we showed Return of the King, the director's cut. The movie is fabulous, but the best part was getting friends together, and sharing a rainbow carrot cake in celebration of a move forward in social justice, and love.

3. Nutella Cheesecake... Erika, there were a lot of rave reviews for this tasty contribution!

4. I have a dear friend who is going to Iceland... I just get so excited thinking of the adventure she'll be enjoying, and I cannot wait to see some pictures, and hear about what she sees and does.

5. People send me funny videos about goats, and chickens... sometimes the same video link will be posted to my FB wall multiple times. This cracks me up.

I cannot believe this is only the first week of summer since both Max and Maria are out of school... what a lot of goodness we've enjoyed already! How is your summer shaping up? I hope good things are happening for you, and yours. Please tell us what's good where you are.

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