Monday, June 22, 2015

Five Good Things

June is whirr, a blur, a dizzying month of activities, celebrations, finishing a school year, beginning a summer. And we have been filling up our days with some good things.

Good Things...

1. After a performance, Geoff is the first one Maria looks for and sinks into for a hug. This says everything to me about the kind of father he is, and I love it. He is dependable, generous, caring, supportive, strong and gentle... he is a daddy.

2. Cousin Emma joined Ballet Folklorico, and made her first performance, yesterday at the Fair. Now Maria and Emma can share this special pastime, and see each other whenever the two programs meet for shows. Her mom posted a video on FB, and I love watching Emma doing her first dance... she was precious! No bias. Seriously, a fun, fun dance to watch!

3. Alex is 21 years old.
Alex is 21 years old??
It's hard for me to believe, but it's true, and we could not be more happy for him, for his accomplishments, and his plans. And he throws a really fun Middle Earth party, too.

4. Frankenrouter is inching its way to completion. Geoff squeezes in progress, troubleshooting, experimenting, trial by error, and steady success whenever he can, and even I managed to contribute {in a very small way} to the first project. Here you see me holding the wood William prepared for a Prancing Pony tavern sign. Is there any doubt that I will host some kind of grand fete when it's cutting into that wood??

5. Max did everything asked of him, diligently, steadfastly, without complaint, never late, never grousing, and consistently with high marks, and now, at last he has his summer. You should see the smile he is wearing now school is through! And the trebuchet? Max and his AP Physics team hit the barrel on the spot, and earned an A+. Well done, Max. All very well done.

Summer. Summer! We hardly have a thing planned, but the general mood is bright and eager, and we feel good about this. Are you enjoying good things? We'd love to hear all about it... leave a comment, send an email. Share your summer goodness.


Anonymous said...

Five Good Things:
1. Summer! I'm happy to be with you ALL day now! :D You make me so happy!
2. I get to be with family, and go fun places!
3. No homework! Although homework CAN be fun, I'm ready for a break!
4. I get to do dancing, and Java!
5. So many play-dates to come!
6. (I know 6.... Too many happy things!) Beach! Want to hang out at the beach?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Maria, yes. Yes I do want to hang out at the beach with you!
Let's make this a weekly plan!