Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Leave Everything Go To The Beach

We are a little rusty on our pick and go! spontaneity, but despite a few hurdles and speed bumps, I am so glad we decided to leave chores and home behind, to go to the beach. For a moment I thought, Oh dear, the kitchen is a mess... blahblahblahblah, then, fortunately, I concluded, If we were home "cleaning," we'd probably be making as many more messes as we cleared. Satisfied with my rational, I went into the waves with Maria, then buried my feet in the sand, and thought wasn't this a fine idea?

Lovely strange weather we are having, too. A bit balmy, with deep foggy bits, and large tropical raindrops evaporating as they land. Last night birds began their seasonal chorus, reminding us that it really is June, summer really is upon us. Other summer clues... Maria has no more homework for the last two weeks of school, Max and his team will test their trebuchet for AP physics, and that's about the end of his junior year in high school. Summer, and strange weather, sandy feet, and the end of school... what wonderful things to ponder, and enjoy.


ArtyZen said...

Oh bliss. We too must remember to up and go more often too. We have that 'almost the end of term' feeling and it will be quite a relief to finish this academic year for a variety of reasons, not all good....

Then we too will be paddling, swimming and making great things in the sand.
Glad you enjoyed it!

Unknown said...

Yay! The beach makes everything better. Nice sand sculptures too.