Monday, August 10, 2015

Five Good Things

It's all good. It's all random, and messy, and mixed-up. We've faced kitchen flooding, bad smells, repairs, and cat barfs, and still: It's all good. Let's not pretend I grin and twirl through every mishap and crisis, but it helps to laugh and dance, whenever possible. And it's prescribed, suggested, encouraged and highly recommended to seek goodness, make good, share good, do good, and love the good. We went to the beach, and even though it was closer to bedtime than beach time, we enjoyed the last of the sunlight, the campfires, speculating on plans and notions, being in that place where the edge of the world is lapped by the sea. Walking back to our car from a shop in North Park, I looked up into a beautiful wispy pine tree where the homeowner had hung all sorts of blue lanterns and ornaments. It was beautiful. Back at home, Geoff and William have been diligently working with Frankenrouter, our sexy beast of DIY CNC milling. It's milling wood! The graphic is one William created on the computer, inspired by Lord of The Rings. More on this, soon.

What a skimpy, brief post this is... but you guys! This is the last Monday of Maria's summer break! This is the last Monday at home before Alex and Bambi leave for the Highlands of Scotland! This is the last Monday when I will have any chance to do all of the forty-two things I was so sure we would get done when it was June, and summer was new and full of promise!

Good Things...

1. Sitting with Geoff, having breakfast out, talking, not talking. Burritos.

2. Bitternut squash, the fellow who appeared at the dining table this week.

3. The restoration of our kitchen sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal, because Geoff. Oh, sweet conveniences of modern living, and lovely man to make it all run smoothly!

4. Grant. The man. The legend. The friend who rides in on his white horse and brings news of things funny, fair, and fabulous. {I just had to steal this picture from his FB page.}

5. My beautiful graceful, Godly, and beloved Grandmother Eunice, who turned 93 years old this week. She is a blessing to us all. She is more than good.

Skimpy and brief! We need breakfast, and there are bank errands, and all kinds of running around, like chickens and goats, but with clothes on. Be well. Find good things!


Janece said...

I'm in love with those cobalt blue lanterns! They are enchanting!!

Thank you for sharing your 5 thankful things. They are always a treat, I look forward to them!

warren said...

School...NOOOOoooooo! Ours started this week and life just became chaos! But it will be ok...I hope yours starts well as well

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You guys are in, already?? Oh, man... election season AND back to school. These are trying times, friend. Trying times. It will be ok. Let's keep saying that.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You have Comment Bombed CB... and I love it!
Thank you. Finding these was like Christmas morning, and I've been a good girl... you make me feel that special.
This woman's tree was enchanted. Seriously. And just that you can grasp that from this picture should give you the correct impression of how much prettier it was in real life.

Janece said...

I mentally reply to each and every CB post but too often don't take the time to write down my thoughts and impressions. It was such a treat to spend my evening last night revisiting your posts and photos and to comment. I'm glad they made you happy. :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

And this is why I deeply appreciate comments, yours, everyone's, because I know it reflects time, effort, thoughtfulness. I know that it can, at times, be a technical hassle, or that we come really close to leaving a comment, but then life interjects... and the moment slips away. Your comments, and the many Jennifer has been leaving, put me in touch with my ideas about being a "successful blogger." I do envy the popular blogs and all the traffic that those blogs see, dozens, even hundreds of comments... but if that happened here, how would I enjoy the personal connections, feel like I am engaging with friends, near and far? It'd be "The Curse of Blessings!" Too much good stuff, and the burden of trying to manage it all. It's hard enough to reach out to loved ones, and stay in touch. I feel disappointed in myself for the times I haven't stayed up to date with a friend's life, virtual, real, online, across town.