Sunday, August 09, 2015

El Pajaro Bordado

Some friends were asking for embroidery lessons, so I gathered supplies, extra needles, fabric scraps for practicing, and then I decided to make a small project for myself, so I could show by example, and have fun, too. I took inspiration from a box of loteria cards. And to be sure I had a purpose for my little embroidered bird, I fit my sketch into a triangle so I could start a new party bunting-penant decoration. I never know what to call those, but I love making them, having them around for festive occasions. Unfortunately, the embroidery lesson was postponed, but lucky me... I had two-and-a half hours to myself to work on my pajaro while Maria was in her dance class.

As for my last embroidery venture... I haven't abandoned it, but I set it aside until I can decide whether or not to start over. I think small breaks can help me from making rash decisions.

There are so many fun themes in a loteria game, and I'd love to stitch up some more. And of course, it would be fun to create my own. A Foo card, maybe?


Jennifer said...

el poderoso Foo -- I can see it now....

Janece said...

I would love to join in on embroidery lessons. I want to learn how to add it to my canvases! I've dabbled with it and I like the effect and can sense a wealthy of creative possibilities!

And a Foo card? YES!

And last, but not least, your El Pajaro is adorable!