Friday, November 27, 2015

Redefining "The Kid's Table"

The kiddie table: Scaled down furnishing where the overflow guests at family holiday gatherings are banished sent; typically this applies to children and/or a bachelor uncle. The recollection of many is that this is a humbling scenario, humiliating, even, as you get taller, and begin to feel the pinch of familial hierarchal segregation. To illustrate this ubiquitous holiday scene I searched Pinterest for images, but found mostly super-glossy, over-idealized and over-decorated infantile dining wonderlands, with crafts and awards and a myriad of gestures to assure the tikes of their inability to sit still or entertain themselves for any length of time. What happened to cracking nuts, or just wandering around the backyard with cousins?? But I digress. The kiddie table may, or may not have been a part of your childhood, but it's a real thing, and people have real thoughts and memories on the subject. Maybe it was where the cousins commiserated over inequality, and the sad lack of craft supplies or maybe your kiddie table memories are fabulous and raise a nostalgia in your heart. Well... whatever, because "the kiddie" table has been redefined. Refined. Raised to a status of Royal Bearing! And wholly recreated by the "kiddies" themselves!

Behold! New and Improved! The plastic folding table made new, and glorious, and befitting kings and queens!

The best chairs to the kiddie table!

The finest dishes, and heraldry, goblets, cloth napkins, shields, two gravy choices!

Nothing humiliating about taking a sumptuous feast from a cushy velvet throne!

Our Thanksgiving, at either table, was lovely, and comforting, and filling. It was like... like pie and whipped cream, but then topped with mini-pie! Just, really quite good.

How was your Thanksgiving? I wish you glorious leftovers, and happy recollections, time to recover, time to enjoy another beautiful day. And if, like Matthew Inman, you feel a longing to return to the kiddie table, remember: This is your life, make it wonderfully your own! Seize your throne!

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